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Founded in 2008, after more than 10 years of concentration and research and development, we have now become a successful domestic and international famous professional glasses case manufacturer in China, and our glasses case cover all varieties of eyeglasses, such as sunglasses case, optical glasses case, reading glasses case, kids glasses case and packaging boxes for various sports and safety eyeglasses. You can also easily customize different styles of eyeglass cases under the same eyeglass case series, such as plastic glasses cases, iron glasses cases, EVA glasses cases, and you can easily match different materials, colors, and logo processes for your eyeglasses with each style. In the process of continuous development, we have established cooperation with many famous brands at home and abroad, such as ESSILOR, POLO, etc. We also look forward to adding your logo to our brand wall as well as other world-famous brands soon.

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Your Best Glasses Case Manufacturer in China!

  • As one of the best glasses case manufacturers in China, here you can find out 460+ styles of eyeglasses cases under different materials with various shapes to customize your own logo. 
  • The capacity of our glasses case each day is 15,000pcs to 120,000pcs each day based on different materials & glasses case designs,  we have 4 automatic production lines and 12 standardized lines.
  • In order to help you have an easy start and test our quality, we give  MOQ lower to even 1000pc/style glasses case.
  • we also accept OEM to produce glasses cases for you if you want to do your own design. 

What Kind of Glasses Case We Produce

As a manufacturer specializing in the production and customization of eyewear cases and related accessories, you can customize your logo or materials on our hard glasses cases, leather eyeglass cases, foldable glasses cases, plastic glasses cases, and EVA glasses case,s and other eyewear packaging products.

Glasses Case for all Eyewear Styles

One station to find out glasses cases for all styles of all of your eyewear products, no matter sunglasses, optical frames, reading glasses, kids frames, or safety goggles. 

How to place your glasses case order

Select Glasses case style

Find out glasses case style based on your eyewear is sunglasses, optical frame,  reading glasses, sport or goggle. 

Find out glasses case size

You need correct size of glasses case to make sure your eyewear get perfect protect, neither too big nor too small.

Decide the glasses case art

According to you eyewear to decide glasses case art to be hard glasses case, handmade eyeglasses case, or EVA glasses case.

Customize your glasses case

Select glasses case details, such as the material, color and logo arts according to your eyewear design, classic, elegant, fashion, hip-pop or sporty.

Need more Glasses Case styles?

Can not find out your favorite glasses case? want to check more glasses case styles? Just click the below button to get a full set of E-catalogue.

Clients share their appreciation for our Glasses case

My team has tested your glasses case, we love it very much and we will keep order for sure.
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Sophie Grant
Isunny glasses case is very durable and valued, we have cooperated for years already.
Isunny antifog cloth client2
James Stinger
No more competitive glasses case suppler anymore, prompt lead time with flexible services, this is a trusted partner!
Isunny antifog cloth client3
Amy Winter

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