Strategic Alliance in Luxury Eyewear: Safilo and AEFFE Renew Moschino Licenses to 2033

Strategic Alliance in Luxury Eyewear: Safilo and AEFFE Renew Moschino Licenses to 2033

As XIAMEN ISUNNY PACKING CO., LTD, we are delighted to discuss the significant development in the eyewear industry: the early renewal of the global eyewear licensing agreement between Safilo Group and AEFFE Group for Moschino and Love Moschino until December 2033. This news is a hallmark of enduring collaborations and the pursuit of excellence in the luxury eyewear sector.

moschino sunglasses
Moschino Sunglasses

Safilo Group, a global leader in premium eyewear, is renowned for its innovative design, manufacturing, and distribution of optical frames, sunglasses, sports eyewear, protective eyewear, and helmets. The recent announcement of extending their agreement with AEFFE Group, an international fashion and luxury goods company known for designing, producing, and selling high-end clothing, footwear, leather goods, lingerie, and swimwear, marks a significant milestone. Moschino, an Italian luxury brand, is celebrated for its bold, extravagant design style and has a substantial impact in the luxury fashion sector through its subsidiary line, Love Moschino.

The eyewear collections of these two brands, under the stewardship of Safilo Group, will continue to be sold globally, with a particular focus on the Southern European and Latin American markets. Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group, expressed pride in renewing the partnership with Moschino, a symbolic brand whose women’s eyewear collection is a vital asset. Since the partnership’s inception in 2018, it has been a joy to foster this long-term collaboration.

Massimo Ferretti, CEO of AEFFE Group, acknowledged Safilo Group as a highly trusted partner and a leader in the eyewear industry. The continuation of this partnership for Moschino and Love Moschino is a testament to shared core values, especially regarding creative design and quality.

At XIAMEN ISUNNY PACKING CO., LTD, we recognize the significance of such partnerships in the eyewear industry. Aligning with such prestigious brands and collaborations, we continue to offer our specialized packaging solutions that match the luxury and quality of these renowned eyewear brands. Our commitment to excellence in packaging complements the aesthetic and functional needs of high-end eyewear products from global leaders like Safilo and AEFFE Group.

We invite you to explore how XIAMEN ISUNNY PACKING CO., LTD can elevate your brand’s presence in the eyewear market. Whether you’re looking for innovative packaging designs or seeking to enhance the presentation of your luxury eyewear collections, we are here to provide solutions that align with the industry’s highest standards. Discover more about our offerings and how we can be a part of your brand’s journey in the dynamic world of luxury eyewear.

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