5 points you must know before wearing contact lenses

5 points you must know before wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses play an increasingly important role in modern life, especially for myopic friends. The convenience brings to us is self-evident, because, for women who love beauty, contact lenses do not affect aesthetics. And you can see things clearly, and many friends think that glasses with frames will be too bulky. Maybe sometimes you feel the same way.

eyes feel not good

I believe many friends also want to try on contact lenses, and most people think that as long as they can buy the right degree before using contact lenses for the first time. But the question is, is it suitable for everyone? And what problems should be paid attention to? Wearing contact lenses is not as simple as imagined. Please follow ISUNNY today to learn and discuss it together. The following are the 5 points (including but not limited to) that must be understood before wearing contact lenses.

1. Is it suitable for everyone to wear contact lenses?

In fact, the answer to this question is obvious. Not everyone with myopia is suitable for matching. Some friends with dry eye, conjunctivitis, and keratitis are not suitable. Therefore, before buying, it is best to go to the hospital for an examination. At the same time, we also need to check with the doctor to find out the base curve and eyeball diameter of the appropriate contact lens, because these data are to help you pick the most suitable Important parameters of contact lenses.

wear contact lens

2. The essence of the Base Curve

I believe everyone has seen the point above and understands the importance of the base curve But what is the base curve? You will be clear after reading this. The base curve is determined according to the corneal curvature of the eye. Because the base curve decreases, the contact lens is flatter; on the contrary, the smaller the base curve the more concave the contact lens.

contact lens base curve

Once you know your base curve, you will know which arc contact lens to choose. The closer the curvature of the contact lens fits with you, the more comfortable it is to replace it, and it is not easy to detach.

the difference of silicone hydrogel lens and normal contact lens

3. How to choose the material of the contact lens?

I believe that selection is also a problem that puzzles everyone. The most common materials on the market are silicone hydrogels and hydrogels. In fact, these two materials are good choices, because each has its own advantages. If the budget is low and the frequency of use is not high, use hydrogel; if you plan to wear it for a long time and use it at high frequency, choose the material of silicone hydrogel. Because the material is more oxygen-permeable, it is more comfortable to wear for a long time. Please note contact lenses with poor oxygen permeability for a long period of time can cause corneal hypoxia, resulting in corneal loss and worsening vision.

4. Do you buy contact lenses with the same power as the frame glasses you wear?

After we figure out how to choose the material, we also need to figure out how to choose the degree of the contact lens. So, are contact lenses the same as spectacles? Usually, the answer is that the contact lens power is lower than the frame lens power. In the contact lens shop, you will see some reference tables, for example, 100 to 300 degrees will be reduced by 25 degrees, 300 to 500 degrees will be reduced by 50 degrees. However, this approach is not very scientific, because you need to determine how much to reduce according to the actual situation, so it is best to pass a professional optometry test, and then consult a doctor how many degrees should be worn.

eye test

5. Do you choose daily, half-moon, or monthly contact lenses?

The question that bothers everyone is: Should we choose quarterly, half-yearly or annually? In fact, each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Daily and half-moon throws are more focused on comfort and convenience. Compared with half-year and annual throw lenses, because of the low number of uses, the risk of infection is smaller, and they are very popular with consumers. Some countries have now no longer Use half a year and year throw lenses. But from an economic point of view, the half-year toss and annual toss are more cost-effective because they have been used for a long time. Because of the long-life cycle, in order to be more durable, this type of lens material has better toughness, so the lens is also thicker.

If you only use contact lenses only occasionally, it is recommended to use daily throw, because it is relatively safer and more convenient.

I believe that some friends have encountered uncomfortable dry eyes. Many times, it is because you have chosen lenses with more water content when choosing contact lenses. They think that more water is more comfortable to wear, but otherwise, it is not, because the lenses with more water evaporate easily, and then continue to absorb the water in the eyes. Should we choose lenses with low water content? Nor is it because lenses with low water content are relatively poor in oxygen permeability.

I believe that everyone who has read the above points will have a sense of how to choose their favorite contact lenses. Therefore, everyone must consider comprehensively and choose the corresponding style according to their own needs.

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