Huawei enters the smart eyewear business

Huawei enters the smart eyewear business

Eyeglass is no longer a simple use function in daily life now, it also loads more fashion dressing factors. With the advancement of technology, glasses have also become intelligent, injecting new vitality into smart wear, such as the bone conduction and Bluetooth function of the previous glasses. Now more and more technology companies are entering the glasses industry, such as Xiaomi and Google. Now, 5G giant Huawei has also fight into the eyewear industry and start making its own smart glasses. Isunny will talk about Huawei’s new product today.

On April 8, 2020, Huawei officially launched the HUAWEIx GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear smart glasses at the new product launch. This time there are two styles of SmartMY MA 01 and SmartHER01. In addition to the new shape, it also has smart functions such as answering calls, double-clicking to control music, and awakening voice assistants.


After installing smart technology, will the glasses look bloated?

Don’t worry about this at all. In order to ensure the overall simplicity of the glasses, Huawei put all the technologies in the thin temples, and the thinnest place is only 4mm. More important is that the temple has no buttons and interfaces at all, which making the glasses comfortable and light to wear.


Is such a versatile operation complicated?

In order to distinguish it from similar products, Huawei has designed all the intelligent features to be controlled by simple gestures.

  1. How to answer the phone? Just lightly double-click the temple to answer or hang up the phone。
  2. How to control the music: just double-click the temple to play or pause. Huawei glasses also supports intelligent detection of wearing status, as long as you take off the glasses, it will automatically pause the music. And if you wear glasses within 3 minutes, it will resume playback. This greatly saves electricity consumption and makes the glasses smarter.
  3.  Want to wake up the voice assistant? It’s still that simple, just double-click the temple.

How is the quality of calls guaranteed?

Huawei smart glasses use a semi-open dual speaker design, which can make the sound clearer and have a three-dimensional sense. How does it reduce sound leakage? The unique sound cavity design allows the sound to be directly transmitted to the wearer’s ears in a directional beam. In addition, in order to reduce the interference of the environment to the call, Huawei glasses use dual-microphone linear beam noise reduction, combined with an AI voice noise reduction algorithm, which makes the call clearer and smoother.

How about charging and endurance?

  1. We introduced earlier that Huawei smart glasses have many functions, so how does it consume power? According to Huawei’s laboratory tests, it can continuously play music or talk for more than 2.5 hours after each charge.
  2. Remember what we said that temples have no excuses and buttons? How does it charge power and contact with Bluetooth? It turned out that each pair of glasses was equipped with a characteristic leather spectacle case. The glasses case is equipped with the latest NFC contactless wireless charging technology. As long as the glasses are placed in the glasses case, charging will begin. The battery inside the glasses case can last as long as 8 hours.
  3. As long as the glasses box is opened, it can be automatically connected, and then you can read the power status through the mobile phone. And the glasses support IP67 dustproof and waterproof, do you think it is very high-tech?

This time, Huawei Smart Glasses released 4 sunglasses and 3 optical glasses for consumers to choose from, which is said to be on sale at the end of May 2020. You must be curious about the price of such high-tech sunglasses. According to official news, the price is 2499RMB.

What function do you most want to have on smart glasses? I don’t know if you think the price corresponding to these functions of Huawei smart glasses is cost-effective. Will you buy it? Everyone is welcome to participate in the comments in the message area below, we are very happy to discuss with you.

The information and images in this article are from Zhongguancun Online, collated by the ISUNNY team, and translated after incorporating our own views. If you like this post, you can also share it with your Facebook and Twitter for your friends reading, thank you.


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