How to avoid car windshield fogging?

How to avoid car windshield fogging?

Window fogging is very common during driving, but for car owners, it is simply too uncomfortable. The blurred vision can not see the road in front of them, and the danger factor is no different as the meeting when the car is illuminated by a high beam.

Windshield can not see clearly-in rainy and cold weather
the care windows foggy up

The phenomenon of fogging occurs more in the rain and cooler weather, and the front windshield is more likely to appear in this phenomenon.

So why do car windows fog up? Now let’s analyze the root cause of fogging from a scientific point of view. When the temperature outside the car is very low, the temperature inside the car is relatively high, it forms a relative temperature difference, due to the condensation phenomenon when the water vapor meets the cold air will condense into small water droplets, which is the so-called fog we see on the car window glass.

foggy on car window

Is it possible to use wipers to remove fog? If you think the same as these owners, it is wrong, because the window fog is no way to use the wiper can be solved, because the fog is generated in the interior of the car.

How would regular car owners and friends defog it? There are generally two common ways of operation as follows.

  1. open the windows to let the air convection, that is, open the windows on both sides of the car, so that the outside air into the interior, the moisture inside the car blow away so that the water in the air is not easy to adhere to the glass. The principle is that from a certain point of view so that the temperature inside and outside the car can reach a balance. But when driving in this way, the vehicle will produce a lot of noise during the driving process, and the wind blowing in on people will be very uncomfortable. The most important thing is that if you are driving at high speed, it will increase the hidden danger of driving.
air the car
air the car

2. The other method is to open the warm air system of the air conditioner blowing against the glass, so as to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass surface, so as to reduce the fog on the glass. This operation can only reduce the fog on the front windshield, but the fog on both sides of the car and the rearview mirror is still difficult to solve.

air the car to stop foggy
air the car to stop foggy

We believe there are some hands-on friends who have made some simple anti-fog water: such as the use of detergent, soapy water, saltwater, and other blends. A small number of car owners who do not like the trouble have used some commercially available defogging agents, such products are expensive, the operation is also troublesome, because not only to prepare a wipe cloth, and the spray is quickly used up. Of course, it can also achieve the effect of defogging to a certain extent.

anti fog spray
anti fog spray

Today we introduce you to the most convenient and least expensive way of the latest, the anti-fog cloth. The principle of this multi-purpose anti-fog cloth is the use of a special anti-fog agent injected into the anti-fog cloth, in the process of wiping, the anti-fog agent can form a transparent absorbent film in the lens, so as to absorb moisture to prevent fog.

The anti-fog cloth is a kind of microfiber called sea island silk, including a dry fleece layer, water-locking surface material layer, anti-fog solution cavity, a conductive layer, slow-release fabric layer, microfiber layer. The anti-fog cloth feels dry and soft, the wipe on the skin is also very comfortable, and strong and not broken, but also does not fall off the wadding.

anti fog cloth

The key is the anti-fogging agent composition is mild and non-irritating, no harmful chemicals added, direct contact with the skin, no hand injury, no eye injury.

Why is the anti-fog cloth convenient and economical? Because of the conventional car anti-fog cloth for 15 * 20cm, a single piece of independent packaging, easy to carry. A wipe can be long-lasting anti-fog 72 hours, the key is an anti-fog cloth single can be reused 400-600 times, the normal use of a year.

anti fog cloth bag
anti fog cloth bag

Let’s see the comparative effect of using the anti-fog cloth to wipe the window glass. Does it look amazing?

the effective of using anti fog cloth
the effective of using anti fog cloth

Is the anti-fog cloth only to wipe the window glass? No! It has a wide range of applications, in addition, to wipe the car window, but also can wipe glasses, cell phones, computer screens, binoculars, helmets, goggles, swimming goggles, and other easy fog all objects, but also can wipe the bathroom glass, even if the bathroom fog, the mirror is still as clean as new.

Want to know more about the anti-fog cloth? Just click here! Want to know the price of this muti-using cloth? Just click here. Need free anti-fog cloth sample to test? Just click here.

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