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With over 10+ years in eyewear packaging and presentation products, as one of the best professional eyewear carrying bags manufacturers in China,  our eyeglasses suitcase/trolley bag includes a sunglasses suitcase and optical display case. We have the small optical carrying bag and also have the big trolley bag to display sunglasses. You can easily find out your travel-friendly display bag, most of our display suitcases come with adjustable shoulder straps, side handles, and wheels, and also come bag comes with a front pocket, so your team can put their brochure and sales contract for easy use.  Even you also can customize your eyewear sample bags with or without wheels, the wheels also can be in a move straight away and 360-degree style.  We sell in over 86 countries, covering most of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. And it has established partnerships with 69 brands, such as ESSILOR, ZIESS,  ELIZABETH ARDEN, NIKON, KODAK, ELLE, FOLLI FOLLIE, ESPRIT, FILA, FCUK, NAPA, MUJI,  and so on.  Let us talk now to produce protective storage bags for eyewear samples with your own brands!!!

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Eyeglasses display bag
  • As the professional eyeglasses suitcase factory, we have more than 83+ styles for your selection. No matter whether you need a trolley bag to display sunglasses or an optical carrying bag, you can easily find out the display case that you want!
  • For our eyewear sample bags, we offer a full range of products with or without wheels, accommodating between 60 and 300 frames. Our convenient carryout rep bags come with either a shoulder strap or a briefcase-style handle, with a capacity of up to 189 frames.

    We also provide individual magnetic eyewear trays as needed. These products are lightweight, extremely durable, and designed for long-term use.

    Additionally, we offer customized bags and trays, with the option to include your logo printed on them.

  • To give our clients quick delivery, we always prepare 10+ most popular style eyeglasses suitcases ready for stock. 
  • We accept MOQ as low as even a 1PC trolley bag.
  •  Want to do your own size/shape design? we accept OEM to produce eyewear display cases for you. 

Eyeglasses Suitcase Styles

We supply various styles of eyeglasses suitcase with different capacities for our customers based on different usage.

How to order your own display Case

Find shape of Display Case

Find out your favorite shape of our display case, you can customize bag also. 

Special Request?

Accept to change the size of display box/glasses tray, print logo on display case and display box also acceptable. 

Decide the Display Box

Our display box/glasses tray height standard is 6cm  to display sunglasses and 3.5cm for optical frame.

Produce Your Display Case

We will send final PI for all details for approval before mass production.

New Eyewear Sample Bags and Display Cabinet

Here you can find out our latest eyewear display bags and eyeglass display cabinets.

Eyewear Carry Bag-T2052C

Item No.: T2052C. This eyewear carry-out bag we produced for the SAFILO group. it is 52*40*30CM and easy to bring up to the airplane or take on the motorcycle. this bag is muti-function, it has one adjustable shoulder belt, and also has one handle you can hold by hand; we sewed one pocket at the front, where you can put your documents or leaflet; it has one Clearview window, you can put your name card or eyewear brand or glasses items details there to easy find out.  it holds 189pcs optical frame or 126pcs sunglasses. For more details click HERE to view. 

Eyewear Display Cabinet - T1011

this spectacle display cabinet with a locker and the cabinet size is 58.5*43.5*101CM. if you want to put optical glasses, this glasses display cabinet can put 16 drawers, and each drawer puts 18 optical glasses, so the total is 288pcs, in this way, the glasses display cabinet weight total 29.5kgs. if you want to hold sunglasses, this glasses display cabinet can have 12 drawers, and each drawer holds 18 sunglasses, The glasses display cabinet weighs a total of 27.5kgs. it has wheels at the bottom, and it is easy to move around, so you can put it in your eyewear store, and even can move it to the outside of your store to show the glasses. For more details click HERE to view. 

Wheeled Eyewear Storage - T10544

This sunglasses storage is incredibly useful for optical shops because of its multi-functionality. It can act as a front desk when the top lid is closed. When opened, the inside has mirrors, making it easy for clients to try on the sunglasses/frames. Additionally, there is storage space at the bottom, and the storage unit is on wheels, making it easy to move in and out of shops.   For more details click HERE to view. 

Clients share their appreciation for our eyewear carrying bag

My team has tested your eyewear carrying bag, we love it very much and we will keep order for sure.
Isunny antifog cloth client
Sophie Grant
Isunny eyewear carrying bag is very durable and valued, we have cooperated for years already.
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James Stinger
No more competitive eyewear carrying bag suppler anymore, prompt lead time with flexible services, this is a trusted partner!
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Amy Winter

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    Learning Everything About Eyewear Carrying Bags

    Eyewear glasses are a delicate product that needs utmost care while traveling or even at home. If the eyewear glass case is not strong enough, it might lead to damage. Suppose you want customers walking to your door. In that case, it is best to buy eyewear carrying bags that protect the glasses from any kind of scratches and also keep the shine as they had at the factory. A good-quality eyewear case will not only help keep the product safe but also ensure that the product’s quality is intact. The eyewear glass cases, apart from looking stylish, should have durability. 

    Nowadays, many eyewear glass cases have come into fashion. These cool and funky glass cases have become popular among youth. There are different glass cases for kids, men, and women. The multiple designs make it an exciting process.

    Eyewear Carrying Bag Styles You Should Know About

    1. Mini Portable Eyewear Carrying Bag

    The salesmen with less quantity to show their clients can use them and flaunt their style. This bag is easy to carry and looks neat and tidy. It has less capacity but is good for the people who travel and sell the glasses. This little eyewear suitcase looks quite professional.


    2. Small Shoulder Bag

    A small shoulder bag can be used by salesmen who travel a lot. They can easily carry the shoulder bag and ride their motorbike or small car trunk. It is very convenient for the salesmen to bring out their best products and show them to their clients. It is the best option at a reasonable price.


    3. Handy Display Case

    This small handy eyewear display case is best for you if you travel on an airplane to show the samples or the unique glasses. It allows you to show the optical glasses and sunglasses easily without any cluttering. The eyewear carrying bag looks tidy. You can consider carrying it in your car and expanding your business.


    4. Trolley Bag

    A trolley bag is the most popular bag. It has wheels and a trolley to carry the glasses. It is easy to carry them during your trip. Salesmen can carry this unisex bag as well as stroll because of its straps on the sides. Trolley bag carriers can manage rough and tough situations.


    5. High-Capacity Eyewear Carrying Bag

    This eyewear carrying bag is highly desirable because it has a large capacity. It can have a large number of glasses and is easy to carry. It has one regular trolley bag and a small shoulder bag. You can easily put more samples inside and show them to your clients.


    6. Trade Show Suitcase

    Nobody wants a last-minute hustle and bustle in an exhibition or any trade show. So, a trade show eyeglasses suitcase, otherwise called an eyewear display bag, is a must-have. You can easily find the needed glasses and pack them after the work is done. You don’t have to get stressed and easily finish the work on time. An eyewear sample suitcase is also available.


    Trending Eyewear Carrying Bags in 2022

    Eyewear suitcase

    Eyewear suitcase TS-2030

    This is a classic suitcase with everything you need to get ready for your next sales session. it is a travel-friendly eyewear display case and protective storage bags for eyewear samples, It has 15 trays each capable of carrying 12 glasses. This means that this suitcase can hold 15 x 12 = 180 pieces of optical glasses at once at full load. Moreover, the maximum weight it can carry is 13.5 Kilograms or 29.7 lbs.

    Eyewear carrying bag

    Glasses Suitcase TS-2032

    If you’re looking for custom eyewear sample bags with added capacity, perhaps this is a better choice for you. This eyeglass display sample bag/case with wheels.  The maximum weight this bag can carry is 14.5 kg or 31.9 lbs. It comes with 4 wheels and has a capacity of 12 trays, where each tray can hold 16 optical glasses. That brings the total glasses capacity to 12 x 16 = 192 glasses. This is best suited for entry-level and intermediate users who want to go for a glasses sales session

    Glasses Suitcase

    Glasses Display Bag TS7501

    This sunglasses suitcase is best suited for advanced or professional users who want to carry a high number of glasses with them. This is ideal for small business owners or those who erect mobile shops for selling eyewear glasses. It has a capacity of 18 trays and each tray can hold 14 optical glasses. That brings the total capacity to 18 x 14 = 252 glasses per bag.

    The total weight this sunglass suitcase can carry is 14.5kg or 31.9lbs. The primary benefit of this bag is that it has strong walls, which will protect your eyewear glasses from external factors, keeping them safe even in the tightest situations.

    Introducing Our Latest Innovation: The Dual-Style Wheel Eyewear Display Bag

    We’re excited to announce a game-changing update to our popular eyewear carrying-out bags, also known as eyewear salesman sample bags, eyeglass display suitcases, and eyewear display bags.

    We’ve listened to your feedback and understand the challenges you face with traditional eyewear suitcases. The main issue? Mobility. Traditional models with wheels that only move forward and backward can make navigating through busy spaces a bit of a hassle, especially when you need to make quick turns.

    To address this, we’ve seen some clients opt for an upgrade to 360-degree wheels for smoother maneuverability. However, this upgrade often comes with its own set of challenges, including the complexity and cost of the modification.

    That’s why we’ve taken a step further. Our latest eyewear display bags now come with dual-style wheels – combining the best of both worlds. You get the stability and straightforward movement of regular wheels and the flexibility of 360-degree wheels, all in one product.

    But here’s the best part: we didn’t just stop at improving functionality. We understand that the little details make a big difference in your day-to-day experience. So, we’ve invested in higher-quality materials and a more robust design to ensure that your journey – whether it’s down the street or across the globe – is not just smoother but also feels more premium.

    In essence, we’ve upgraded your travel experience with our eyewear display bags. Now, you can enjoy effortless maneuverability without the headache of choosing between wheel styles. We believe that better travel should be a standard, not a luxury, and our upgraded eyewear display bags are a testament to that commitment.

    Stay tuned for more innovative solutions from us, as we continue to redefine convenience and style in the eyewear industry.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Suggest the best supplier for eyewear cases.

    ISunnyPacking is the best supplier of eyewear carrying bags. You can find a huge variety of cases with multiple benefits. It is best for you to buy the product from ISunnyPacking for satisfaction.

    Can I get the samples before buying the product?

    Yes, you can surely get the sample before you buy the product. You have to submit your details and follow some minor steps to get the free sample.

    Is it possible to print the name and logo of my company on eyewear cases?

    Yes, if you inform us at the time of order, your name and logo of your company can be printed on eyewear cases. We use attractive colors and materials to enhance your logo beautifully.

    I sell power glasses. Which case will be beneficial for me?

    Yes, if you inform us at the time of order, your name and logo of your company can be printed on eyewear cases. We use attractive colors and materials to enhance your logo beautifully.

    What are the payment options?

    You can pay through T/T, which is preferred, but L/C, Western Union, and PayPal can also be used.


    High-quality eyewear cases are a necessity because of the fast-moving world. ISunnyPacking ensures high quality and durability making it the number one choice among eyewear case-selling suppliers. It is best to buy from ISunnyPacking and see how worthy your purchase can become. The perfect material and apt delivery make ISunnyPacking a desirable one.  


    What is Eyewear Sample Bag?

    Eyewear sample bags are specialized bags designed to store and transport eyewear samples. These bags are typically used by eyewear manufacturers, distributors, and sales representatives to showcase their products to potential clients or retailers. Eyewear sample bags come in various sizes and designs, with features like compartments, dividers, and protective padding to ensure the safe storage and display of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or other eyewear products.

    These bags are made from durable materials like EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or fabric and often feature a handle or shoulder strap for easy carrying. Some sample bags also have wheels, making them convenient for travel and mobility. The interior of the bags is designed to accommodate multiple pairs of eyewear, keeping them organized and protected from scratches or damage.

    Eyewear sample bags are essential for professionals in the eyewear industry who need to showcase their product range to potential clients or retailers during trade shows, sales presentations, or visits. These bags provide a professional and organized way to display and transport eyewear samples, making it easier for businesses to demonstrate their products’ features and designs.

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