New Eyewear Sample Bag-T2052C

Optimize Your Eyewear Travel and Storage with our wyewear bag As SAFILO Group

Discover the ultimate solution for transporting your eyewear collections with the T2052C Eyewear Carry-Out Bag, meticulously crafted for the discerning professionals associated with our team. This bag isn’t just a carrying solution; it’s an innovative way to transport, store, and protect your valuable eyewear inventory with ease and style.

eyelgass carry bag-T2052C
eyewear carry bag-TS2052C

Our carryout Bag Dimensions and Portability

Measuring an accommodating 52*40*30CM, this bag is the perfect companion for your sales team air travel or motorcycle journeys, designed to meet the needs of on-the-go eyewear professionals. Its compact size and intelligent design ensure that your optical goods are always within reach, without compromising on space or convenience.

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Elevate Your Eyewear Management

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or a traveling optician, the T2052C Eyewear Carry-Out Bag is your go-to choice for managing and showcasing your eyewear collection. Its robust design, coupled with its practical features, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone in the eyewear industry looking to enhance their display, storage, and transportation of optical goods.

Embrace the blend of functionality and elegance with the T2052C Eyewear Carry-Out Bag – your reliable partner in eyewear management, brought to you by the ISUNNY team.

Clients share their appreciation for our eyewear carrying bag

My team has tested your eyewear carrying bag, we love it very much and we will keep order for sure.
Isunny antifog cloth client
Sophie Grant
Isunny eyewear carrying bag is very durable and valued, we have cooperated for years already.
Isunny antifog cloth client2
James Stinger
No more competitive eyewear carrying bag suppler anymore, prompt lead time with flexible services, this is a trusted partner!
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Amy Winter

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