Protecting The Environment, Isunny In Action

Protecting The Environment, Isunny In Action

Humans, one of the highly intelligent species on earth, have directly or indirectly dominated the planet’s ecological changes. From ancient nudity to the present day, from the early days of fruit or hunting to the ever-changing foodstuffs of today, from the previous natural From the first days of living in an empty house to the present high-rise buildings, from the first days of traveling to the present various kinds of convenient transportation, the people have changed from clothing, food, housing and transportation. Every aspect increases the alteration of the natural badlands. And every change deepens the impact on the natural environment. Today Isunny will discuss with you some of the details of human pollution of the environment and how we ISUNNY in the actual As much as possible, production is involved in protecting the environment.

What are the main manifestations of human pollution of the natural environment?

The pollution is air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, radiation pollution, heat pollution, noise (sound) pollution. It’s simply 360 degrees from top to bottom, inside and out, without any dead ends.

environment pollution

So let’s talk briefly next about how people are causing each pollution.

  1. Water pollution

Water resources are a prerequisite for the survival of human society and are directly related to its sustainable development. Nowadays, the earth’s ecological environment has been seriously damaged by human activities, especially the seriousness of water pollution, which has made people sound the alarm. Alarm bells. Domestic and industrial wastewater discharged without treatment on weekdays, domestic and process waste dumped at water sources, heavy use Farm effluents from fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, over deforestation and over-exploitation of mines all contribute to water pollution.

water pollution

2. Air pollution

Atmospheric pollution refers to the phenomenon in which the content of some substances in the atmosphere reaches such a harmful level that it destroys the ecosystem and the conditions for the normal survival and development of human beings, causing harm to people or things.

In human activities, there are four main sources of atmospheric pollution: first, emissions from the combustion of fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas; secondly, the emission of carbon dioxide from the combustion of natural gas; and thirdly, the emission of carbon dioxide from the combustion of natural gas. Emissions of pollutants from industrial processes; third, emissions from vehicles, ships, airplanes, and other means of transportation; fourth, the application of Emissions of pollutants from agricultural activities such as pesticides and straw burning.

air pollution

3. Soil contamination

Soil is an open system in which there is a constant exchange of materials and energy with other environmental elements, resulting in a high rate of soil contamination. The sources of substances are extremely wide, both natural and man-made sources of pollution, the latter being the main cause of soil contamination.

There are several main sources of soil pollution.

(1) Pollution from pesticides and fertilizers The extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers can cause many toxic and hazardous substances to enter the soil and accumulate. About half of the pesticides applied to crops flow into the soil, although these pesticides have biological, photolytic, and chemical effects. Some of it is degradable, but degradation is slow for long-lasting pesticides such as organochlorines. Soil contamination by chemical fertilizers is mainly due to the over-application of chemical fertilizers that upset the nutrient balance of the soil. In addition, toxic phosphorus fertilizers and heavy metals in chemical fertilizers are also an important cause of soil pollution.

(2) Sewage Irrigation Using sewage irrigation can save water resources and make full use of the nutrients in sewage. However, excessive sewage irrigation or excessive concentration of sewage can cause soil pollution. If a large amount of sewage is dumped directly into the environment without treatment, there will be a significant accumulation of toxic and harmful substances in the soil of the irrigation area, thus Directly or indirectly endanger human health.

(3) Transport of pollutants in the atmosphere In areas with serious air pollution, the drifting dust in the atmosphere will fall by itself or enter with rainwater. Both can cause soil contamination after soil. Acid deposition is also an important source of soil contamination. Under the influence of acid rain, the soil is further acidified, nutrients are leached out, the structure is destroyed, fertility is reduced and crops are damaged, which can destroy the soil. Productivity.

(4) Pollution from solid waste The large amount of solid waste accumulated in the pile, after being washed by rainwater, will emit a large amount of toxic and hazardous substances that will be discharged into the atmosphere. Leachate, if it flows into the soil without treatment, will cause pollution of the soil. In addition, the irrational use of certain solid wastes is also a cause of soil pollution. For example, sludge from domestic sewage treatment plants contains certain nutrients and can, therefore, be used as fertilizer, but if it is mixed with industrial wastewater or other solid wastes, it can be used as fertilizer. Sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plants has a much more complex composition than domestic sludge, especially with high metal content, and such sludge, such as in Inappropriate applications in agricultural fields are bound to cause soil contamination.

In addition, there is simultaneous contamination by a variety of pollutants, including heavy metals, non-metallic toxic and hazardous substances and radioactive fallout.

soil pollution

4. Radioactive contamination

With the development of modern science and technology, the application of radioisotopes in medicine, research, testing, and other fields is becoming more and more widespread, some life Radioactive materials are also used in consumer products, such as luminous watches and color television sets; certain construction materials, such as granite with high levels of uranium and radium and steel slag bricks, their use also increases the intensity of indoor radiation exposure. The improper use and disposal of these equipment and materials containing radioactive sources can also cause radioactive contamination. The nuclear waste produced by the nuclear industry, nuclear weapons testing, accidents, and the use of radioisotopes is among the most serious. There have been examples of total plant shutdowns due to the malfunctioning of atomic energy plants, such as in the former Soviet Union (now in Ukraine). Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. Radioactive fallout is spread over a large sample size, often over the entire surface of the Earth, and settles very slowly, typically taking several months. It takes even a few years to fall into the atmospheric troposphere or ground. Decay takes hundreds or even tens of thousands of years. In 1945 the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, leaving hundreds of thousands of people Death. A large number of survivors have also suffered from radiation sickness.

radiation pollution

5.Thermal pollution

It refers to the massive consumption of fossil and nuclear fuels in people’s daily lives and production, which produces carbon dioxide, water vapor, hot water, and some other pollutants. These can warm the Earth’s local environment and even global warming, thus creating an immediate or potential, direct or indirect impact on ecosystems. Indirect hazards. The main sources of thermal pollution sources are water body heat sources and atmospheric heat pollution sources. The main heat source of water body heat pollution is industrial cooling water, with the electric power industry as the main source, followed by metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, paper, and machinery. industry. The nuclear power plants are also one of the main sources of heat pollution from water bodies. Sources of atmospheric thermal pollution come from four main sources, including the increase in greenhouse gases, the increase in fine particulate matter, the ozone layer’s destruction, and a large increase in water vapor in the troposphere.

heat pollution

6. Noise pollution

Noise refers to the sound emitted when the sound-producing body makes irregular vibration when the noise to people and the surrounding environment caused adverse effects, it is formed Noise pollution. Since the industrial revolution, the creation and use of all kinds of machinery and equipment have brought prosperity and progress to mankind, but at the same time has also produced more and more And increasingly stronger noise. Noise can not only cause hearing damage but also induce a variety of carcinogenic and fatal diseases, as well as interfere with people’s lives and work.

We will focus here on the effects of noise from human activities on animals in nature: noise can have an impact on the hearing organs of animals, on their ability to hear, on their ability to hear, and on their ability to hear. Causes pathological changes in the visual organs, internal organs and central nervous system. Birds will lose feathers in the noise, affecting the egg laying rate. Experiments have shown that animals will lose behavioral control in noise fields and become restless and lose their normality. Such as in the 165 decibel noise field, rats will frantically jump, bite each other and convulsions, and then lie rigidly down. Animals exposed to more than 150 decibels of low-frequency noise field, will cause eye vibration, resulting in blurred vision. Numerous experiments have shown that strong noise fields can cause animal death. The higher the sound pressure level of the noise, the shorter the time it takes for the animal to die.

noise (sound) pollution

Inadequate anticipation and prevention of the negative effects of industrialization have led to three major global crises: resource shortages. Environmental pollution, ecological damage.Also because of changes in the composition and state of the environment due to anthropogenic factors, the quality of the environment decreases, thus disrupting and destroying man’s own normal Production and living conditions.

This time CORONAVIRUS has swept the world, with the number of infections reaching as high as 8.93 million, and the death toll will soon approach 470,000 (As at 21 June 2020). Was it a punishment by nature on us humans? The exact cause and place of origin is still unknown, but shouldn’t it cause people to ponder? While in home quarantine, our Indian friend MR.Ronak-the founder of OPIUM EYEWEAR has communicated with us many times through WECHAT videos. Here we appreciated for his care and blessings for us. As China is coming out of the epidemic, unfortunately India is also experiencing an epidemic and we are here to hope that our friends in India will soon overcome the epidemic and return to normal everyday life as soon as possible. During MR. Ronak’s home quarantine, as a deep vegan, he made several video calls to me asking us to be kind to animals Let me motivate my family and close friends to give up eating meat. He said it might be unrealistic not to eat at all from the beginning, so please keep the whole family on a vegetarian diet for at least one day. He said, “You see, we used to keep the animals in cages, but now they keep us in our own cages. Isn’t that something to ponder”.

    MR.Ronak-the founder of OPIUM EYEWEAR

In fact, over the years, we at ISUNNY have been directly or indirectly involved in the protection of the environment. Specifically reflected in the following areas:

  1. Previously, the production wastewater was disposed of directly, but now we have a sewage treatment plant, which has passed the government’s environmental testing standards.。
government certification shows Isunny has qualified

2. The scrap produced in the production process used to be piled directly into the nearest garbage dump. But now we sort the garbage first and then pay for a truck to haul it to the corresponding garbage collection place for sorting and disposal. Paying just as much as about 30,000 RMB more than the original.

3. we work with our customers throughout the process of changing their production processes so that our products can be recycled or speeded up the natural degradation of waste in the ecosystem.

A. Minimize the use of plastic films. For example, instead of laminating cartons, cards, and manuals, use printing varnish or matte finish as much as possible

This is our eyewear package for TENS, a trendy, eco-friendly brand. They are constantly incorporating their concern for the environment into their product design concepts. The cardboard box was created by the TENS team in response to a request to change the lamination process in order to make the box more nature-friendly. Recycled or can be degraded more quickly in nature.

B. Replace the original plain fabric and leather with RECYCLED style。

Isunny glasses case for MORMAII

This picture shows the glasses case we made for MORMAII, a fashion and sports brand. The coverage is extensive, and they are constantly concerned about the environment while boosting sales, so they require the fabrics to be The RECYLED model, which is expected to increase their sourcing success significantly, is also a sign that they have made a huge commitment to the environment. Effort. Thank them for what they do to nature.。

In order to protect our own HOME and to preserve a better living environment for future generations, let’s start now. Start protecting the environment. It’s a grand thing to do, but it can also be something you do easily and with ease, such as turning off the lights before you leave the room and conserve water or go out with bicycles, etc.

If you like this post, you can also forward it to your Facebook and Twitter for your friends to read. Some images are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete, thank you. This article is originally from the ISUNNY team. If you want to reprint it to other business forums or media, please be sure to indicate the source. Your understanding and support is the driving force of our creation, thank you.

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