Clothes Make The Man, Packaging Make The Luxury.

Clothes Make The Man, Packaging Make The Luxury.

“Take the mindset of a protagonist and be a good supporting character. ”This is the soul of the ISUNNY. This is meticulous, ultimate craftsmanship.

We infuse this craftsmanship into all our eyewear packaging products.

ISUNNY only employs those who have a talent in sewing and chooses high-quality machines to ensure our quality. Each glasses case will be fully fit in the correct position by skillful artisans under strict quality control. Our professional QC team will adjust the hinge and knock on each side to ensure safe and comfortable protection for your eyewear products.

ISUNNY glasses case production machines


  • Material.

We have good cooperation with reliable material suppliers for more than 10 years. And the materials have passed the corresponding test report. Every time the purchased materials have been testing by our QC team before entering the material warehouse.

Here is our ISUNNY worker are checking details of leather glasses case materials.

Isunny QC manage the eyeglass case raw material
  • Production.

The machines are imported from famous equipment company.

Only hire workers with certain production experience and low mobility.

Every process on the production line is handled by a fixed person, and there are 2 to 3 workers who can be replaced to respond to unexpected situations.

Every quarter we will send technicians to learning, and continuously optimize our production process.

After continuous study, exploration, and improvement, ISUNNY glasses case factory already has 4 types of production lines, all of them have the advantages of high efficiency and economy.

Isunny eyeglass case procession

For example, the production line of EVA glasses cases can complete 50,000 within 4 days.

  • Eyeglass case Quality control.

After the eyeglass cases are formed, we will first check the quality of each case by the production team, such as trimming the thread, adjusting the shape, and wiping the dust.

Before packaging products, our QC team will conduct more detailed quality inspections to assess whether all products meet export standards.

In the end, our sales team and manager will conduct a random inspection of the glasses cases before shipment.

The result of layer-by-layer quality control is that ISUNNY rarely complains about product quality issues.

Because of this, our eyewear packaging products have become world products, shipped to various ports, displayed in countless stores, and perhaps that eyeglass case you are using is our work.

So it’s not surprising that we’ve had a long and happy relationship with many brands! Will your company be next?

the brands Isunny supplied

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