What is a Handmade Glasses Case

What is a Handmade Glasses Case

The handmade glasses case is the most expensive one among Semi Hard eyeglass cases, hard eyeglass case, and plastic eyeglass case. It has also been used by various high-end brands as the packaging of its luxury series of glasses. So, as a professional glasses case manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, today ISUNNY will explain some relevant knowledge points to help more people know about it.

1. What is a handmade glasses case?

As the name implies, this type of spectacle case is all made by hand. Of course, with the advancement of technology, more and more production processes will be slowly replaced by mechanization, such as cutting, gluing, and logo production.

2. The production process of the handmade eyeglass case

When the raw materials are bought back, we will cut them according to the size and graphics of the glasses case, and then transfer them to the glue spraying process; after the glue dries, we start to paste the fabric part and then wrap the edge of the glasses case (also called Hem). The next step is to produce the logo according to the customer’s requirements. After the logo details are processed, we will fix the lining. After the above steps are completed, we are going to undergo plastic surgery to perfect the shape of the glasses case. The last step is to carry out quality inspection and packing (of course we are not only in the last step of quality inspection, but we also start from the first step of raw materials, carry out the inspection and accompanied each step of the entire production process)

3. Classification of the handmade eyeglasses case

A. General handmade glasses cases are divided into regular and special-shaped handmade glasses cases. The regular hand-made glasses case refers to the triangular and square or rectangular glasses case, and the irregular shape refers to the round or arc or stepped glasses case. Regular hand-made spectacle cases are relatively cheap due to the large part of the machinery involved in the production. On the contrary, all or most of the special-shaped spectacle cases are completed by hand, so the price will be more expensive.

B. Handmade glasses cases are also divided into foldable and non-foldable glasses cases. Normally, foldable glasses cases refer to triangular and square or rectangular glasses cases. The advantage of the folding glasses case is that it is convenient for users to carry around because when you take out the glasses from the glasses case, you can easily fold the glasses case into the bag, even in the pocket of clothes or pants It doesn’t take up volume either, is it perfect? As we said foldable glasses can save space, which is very liked by various brands, it helps them to save the shipping costs and the storage charges.

Foldable and unfoldable glasses case

C. According to the size of the eyewear case, we can divide the handmade eyeglass case into sunglasses case, optical glasses case, and reading glasses case.

4. What kinds of materials are available for handmade eyeglass cases?

The surface of the handmade glasses case can be made of various fabrics, paper, and leather (0.6mm thickness). The leather can be PVC and PU style, but in our ISUNNY glasses case factory, we only use relatively high-end PU instead of PVC, because the glasses case made of PVC does not show class, and the feel is not as good as the PU glasses case, and most importantly, the glasses case made of PVC leather is not as durable as the PU glasses case.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we put the most important supporting parts in the middle of handmade glasses cases as 1000g thick gray board, 0.3mm thickness PVC sheet, 1mm thickness injection sheet, 0.35mm thickness iron sheet and 0.5mm aluminum sheet. Its production cost also increases in order. This is only applicable to regular triangular and rectangular glasses cases.

5. What kind of logo can be applied to handmade eyeglass cases?

We can customize different logos on glasses case according to customers’ needs, such as silk-screen printing, emobss, hot stamping, heat transfer printing and metal label. Among them, silk-screen printing is the lowest cost and metal label is the most expensive. Of course, the metal label logo is also the most classy and luxurious

6. Can handmade eyeglass cases be customized to the customer’s own size and shape?

The answer is of course yes, ISUNNY develops different styles of handmade eyeglass cases every year for customers from different countries and regions, taking into account their own needs. The tooling fees usually range from $1000 to $1500 (depending mainly on the complexity and size of the box)

glasses case manufacturer-isunny packing
design glasses case for clients

Because of time constraints, we will close here today. Next post we will tell you which fabrics can be used for handmade glasses cases, what materials can be used for the support part of handmade glasses cases, what logo process can be done for handmade glasses cases, and whether you can customize your own size and shape.

We believe that this article can help you to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of handmade eyeglass cases. If you have any other questions, welcome to leave a message in the comment section below, we will be the first to give you a detailed reply.

If you like this post, you can also forward it to your Facebook and Twitter for your friends to read. This article is originally from the ISUNNY team. If you want to reprint it to other business forums or media, please be sure to indicate the source. Your understanding and support are the driving force of our creation, thank you.

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    I love the OptiPlix case. This is actually my second case. It makes an excellent addition to my travel kit. The case is quite hard, so good protection. The inside is velvety (or something), so it’s not going to scratch even my cheap glasses. Best of all, it’s pretty thin. In fact, it’s thinner than the hard case I’ve been using for my computer glasses.

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