All Info You Need For Glasses Case

All Info You Need For Glasses Case

Eyeglass case looks inconspicuous, but it is real and brings a lot of convenience to our life. And for non-professional business people, this product contains a lot of expertise that is baffling. Today, Isunny will introduce you to the following aspects, hope to give you a little help, and also welcome you to leave comments and discuss together.

Ports eyeglass case

What is a Glass Case?

A glass case is a box that is used to provide the protective cover to your special eyeglasses. Without this, your eyeglass is very likely to get damaged. That is why it is essential to have a solid and easy-to-carry eyewear glass case that can hold your glasses securely inside. Most eyewear cases come with an interior made from soft foam; this provides a very lenient surface to the glass frame and keeps the glass safe from any wear and tear. Even if you accidentally drop the case, the eyeglasses inside will remain protected from scratch and damage all due to this soft foam.

How Glasses Case Protects?

The protection layers Inside the eyewear glasses case come depending upon the preference that you buy. There are various types of materials that are used for making the interior of glass cases. Some eyewear cases don’t come with any interior but just a piece of cloth; this is not the right way. These glasses cases are not so secure, they are not made to carry for long, and if you shake the case, accidentally the fear of scratches will always be there.

isunnypacking glasses case

The best glasses case is one with a soft interior- made from shockproof material. The case protection will work better when the glasses inside it fit with the hold. That is why it is also essential to buy a glasses case that fits the size of your eyewear.

Why Is A Glasses Case Necessary?

The answer to this question can vary in different terms, but one thing is common- it saves money. From a schoolchild to an office boy to an old granny, everyone wears a spectacle, which is very common. In daily life, people rush to work or move from places and sometimes they need to remove their glasses in many situations. Glasses are a part of their life, but people forget to take good care of them; they often forget where their glasses are placed. Like this, there are many complications in the life of a Glasses wearer, and here comes the importance of glass cases. A glass case is an attractive safety casing in the form of a box or pouch, which helps to reduce the chances of loss, break, wear and tear of eyewear. This was a very conventional discovery that will always be very helpful in every era of time.

Types Of Glasses Case’

The typical style of eyewear cases is primarily boxes. These boxes may be of different quality and materials. With lots of new technology and innovations, things for an eyewear cases are also making changes.

The most used types of glasses cases are:

  • Plastic Glasses Case
  • Leather Glasses Case
  • Hard Glasses Case
  • Glasses Pouch
  • Zipper/EVA Glasses Case

A Brief Introduction About Each Type Of Glasses Case.

Plastic Glass Case

plastic eyeglass case
plastic eyeglass case

Plastic is the most common and widely used base material for making things worldwide. It comes with some best properties and is lighter and lighter. The plastic case has one more advantage over others in that it can be moulded in any shape. Thus it can achieve great quality and designs. Very attractive designs and shapes of these plastic cases with lesser cost play a major role in the high amount of sales of these items. Today, plastic cases come with more innovative types; there are also subcategories inside the plastic cases, that have given much more diversity of products with improved quality and comfort.

Plastics are of 2 types, soft and hard plastic.

We all may have felt the texture of these two types. The soft plastic gives a professional texture that feels good to touch and hold. While on the other side the

The hard plastic case may also come with good finishing, but the texture is not that soft as compared. The difference is not only in the texture but also in the design; the soft plastic cases cannot hold the printing work because, on the soft plastic surface, to stick to it. In the hard plastic case, printing designs can be achieved with different variations.

Leather Glass Case

leather glasses case
leather glasses case

Leather is a sign of professionalism; mostly, office peoples prefer to buy these leather glass cases. Despite being expensive, the leather glass case still has high demands. Leather glass cases come with perfectionism, which can easily be noticed through the designs of stitches on the case.

The leather glass case is not so protective in many situations. If you drop it off, the glasses inside will face the jerk and get damaged; if you accidentally put something heavy on the case, it will get compressed, and the glass will get compressed and placed inside will be broken. The leather case has lesser advantages in terms of safety but has premium looks that resemble the professional identity of the bearer. Always keep in mind while buying these leather glass cases, check if they are real or not. The real leather comes with precariousness and needs to be handled with care.

Hard Glass Case

leather hard eyeglass case
leather hard eyeglass case

Hard glass cases are the first choice for the better safety of eyewear. As the name suggests, the hard glass cases are made from hard plastic with Ruf and tuf dimensions. The glasses get the best safety inside these eye cases; the interior has smooth foam that holds the glasses tightly.

Hard glass cases are precisely made from plastic that come within a reasonable price range. In the lifestyle of people who need to have a strong and portable eyewear casing, the best option is, no doubt, the hard glass case. Available in an attractive range of colours and designs, hard glass cases can be made with customization, particularly for businesses.

The only disadvantage of a hard glass case is the surface and bulkiness of the case. Hard glass cases come with a lesser grip that doesn’t give a great feeling of carrying it; they look like a non-trendy conventional type of case.

Glasses Pouch

glasses pouch

Glass pouches are very trendy these days. Many people find them convenient with matching their looks. These pouches come made with plastic and cloth, which is a cheap form of carrying glasses. There is nothing in them in the name of safety for eyeglasses; they save from dust and scratches.

Glasses pouches are lightweight and cheaper than others. Being cheap, people buy them in different colours. Pouches will never work for the safety of your eyewear, you can think of buying them at once, but there is no sense to say it is a protective case for your eyewear. These pouches can’t even save themselves from getting wear and tear, then how can we expect safety for our eyewear?


glasses case
EVA glasses case

Zipper cases are made from soft plastic covered with clothes that are given a shape box-like structure. They are the best kind of eyewear case, both with great looks and safety. The zipper case comes with zipping as a component to open and close the box. They are made lightweight but have a bulky shape that efficiently carries the eyewear at a fixed position. Inside the box, the interior comes with premium looks and quality; the moulded shape of eyewear holds the frame steadily, which increases the chances of best safety for glasses.

Mostly these premium quality zippers come at a high price, but they are completely worth the money. But the availability of designs is very less in these types of cases. You can only find variations in colour, texture, and zipper shape, but the box shape comes the same. The printing work is also very less supported in zipper glass cases.

One more common disadvantage is the zip, they have a life if handled with care, but sometimes they also face problems with malfunctioning.

How To Find A Perfect Sunglass Case?

isunny- glasses case manufacturer
isunny- glasses case manufacturer

There are adequate combinations of glass cases that can make you confused to make a decision. To buy a perfect glass case, some measures need to be noticed. Glass cases, as discussed above, have various combinations in terms of style, size, material and colour. Now to make a great purchase, you need to solve this riddle by matching your requirements.

Below we have mentioned some methods that play an important role in purchasing an eyeglass case. Follow these instructions and match them with your personal specifications requirements.

  • Understand The Size Of Your Glasses.

The size of your eyeglass creates the main difference in the purchase. If you don’t find a case that precisely matches the size of your eyewear, the money spent will not be worth it. Also, the small size of the glass case will likely be weaker in quality-which ultimately means lesser protection. Any unfit size is non-profitable for protection.

How Do I Match The Eyewear Case Size?

Basically, if you buy from any physical store, you can test and try the working size. And if you buy from any online portal, always notice the sizes available- they will show small, medium and large sizes in options. Select from these and place the order. Always match and buy with full satisfaction, mostly glass case sellers don’t give the facility of the return order. If you bought the wrong one, it would not be exchanged.

Decide the Right Shape Of Glasses Case

With advancements in technology, the glass case industries are achieving new milestones. Now you can buy any shape of eyewear case, more than ever before. Shape plays an important role, too; it not only decides the interior space but also the look of the case. Mostly new reformed shapes can be seen with plastic materials.

Children are more curious to get attractive shapes of glasses cases, while younger and older generations don’t find them very interesting. This is because shapes other than a rectangular box don’t comply with the eyeglasses size. A normal and fitting shape case for your eyewear has a perfect perimeter for good safety. But, it’s not that other shapes are bad; they are also getting improved to give the same amount of protection as a regular strong case gives.

Dust And Water Resistance

Another main factor that needs to be taken care of is the resisting power of glass cases. Water resistance of a glasses case is helpful many times, like in the scenario of rainfall or protection from body sweat.

Anything wet will not be good for your glasses. Also, with the water-resistance feature, we can quickly wash the case by putting it under the water from the outside, and it will be cleaned without affecting the interior.

The water-resistance feature commonly comes with all types of cases; it’s just the opening part of the box that is needed to be airtight; if that is loose, it’s better to change it.


Glasses case plays a major part in the daily life of an eyeglass wearer, but still, it is the very least discussed thing- simply people don’t much care about it, but we say they should care about it. The eyeglass of a patient determines his vision, and the protection of eyeglasses is determined by their case. Mostly these glasses are very expensive and cannot be made again so quickly. All they need is to be taken care of; if a single scratch gets on it, you will not go to buy new but wear it until it gets damaged whole. Here you will have to suffer from blur visibility. Now, why do we have to take a chance to fall into such a situation? Prevention is better than cure.

That is why Isunny sunglasses cases are in your service. With the best range of eyewear cases, the price is very lenient.

Distributors or businesses can place bulk orders with customizations- the best quality product will be delivered.

From any part of the world, contact us.

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