Looking for Sunglasses Case Wholesale Partner From China?

Looking for Sunglasses Case Wholesale Partner From China?

Are you doing sunglasses case wholesale business? Do you want to expand your business to find more glasses case models? Or you want to make sunglasses case wholesale, but you are worried that there is no suitable glasses case manufacturer/supplier to be your partner? Then, when you read this article, you have found the right partner already. As one of the leading professional eyewear cases manufacturers in China, we can provide you with a full range of product and services support, we will introduce our company to you from the following aspects, so that you can do more understanding of us.

Who Are We?

We (Isunny packaging) are an organization located in China that’s actively dedicated to working on glasses case designing and manufacturing. Our aim and goal are to offer a world-class solution to eyewear cases to the world.

We believe in selling high-quality products while keeping their prices reasonable so that our customers get a chance to earn a high-profit margin when they sell our glasses case in his market. It’s our pleasure to announce that we’re a capable company, which offers some wonderful products such as glasses case and other accessories, including cleaning wipes, anti-fog gel, anti-fog spray, and more.

We don’t believe in old-school-style fashion. With the changing fashion trends, we’ve managed to cope up with the changes. This means that all our glasses cases match the latest fashion trends to meet the end users’ demands and expectations. With various colors, designs, and styles, we’re sure to blow your mind with our tempting glasses case.

We’re here to end your pursuit of searching for an excellent sunglasses case wholesale manufacturer. No matter your location on the globe, we’ll make sure that your order gets delivered to you without any hassle. So far, our organization has succeeded in collaborating with some famous brands all over the world.

Whether it’s your OEM product demand or you need non-OEM products, we’ve got you covered. First, decide what products you want to buy along with the quantity, then drop your query showing your interest, and our team will reach out to you automatically as soon as possible. They’ll make sure that you get started with your order placement.

anti fog cloth manufacture
Isunny glasses case production plant

What Do We Do?

isunny- glasses case manufacturer
isunny- glasses case manufacturer

We’re actively working on manufacturing glasses cases. Not only do we manufacture them, but we’re also engaged in research and development. We own some brilliant minds who’re constantly devoting to developing the latest technologies for better product development.

We constantly keep working hard to come up with new trendy designs and ideas related to eyewear. Our work domains include manufacturing, wholesale selling to partners, and research and development. We believe in building a forever relationship with our customers no matter what’s the order size. We’re always up to cater to even the smallest order customers because we care about every customer.

You’re sure to get satisfied with our product range once you get to know about them.  In addition to fantastic products, we’re always looking forward to serving you with our top-notch services. All our staff is wonderfully helpful, leaving no chances of dissatisfaction or displeasure.

Even if you’ve got a small order to place, let us know. We’ll cater to you, we promise! We understand you’ll be nervous and hesitant if you’re a first-time buyer, but don’t worry. Reach out to us or drop your query, and rest be assured, our extremely polite and supportive sales team will help you at every hurdle you strike.

Isunny design guidance

Why Us- We’re A Top Sunglasses Case Wholesale Manufacturers & Suppliers

There are several notable reasons for going with us over other unreliable and low-quality manufacturers. What are those?

  • Isunny packaging offers an array of beautiful products related to glasses case.
  • All our products are designed to meet the varying preferences of different end-users from all over the world.
  • The durability is impressive, which means that our products are designed to last long. Thanks to the strong and durable materials that we use in our manufacturing process.
  • Although our products are tough enough, they remain affordable, leaving ample room for the business organizations to earn a hefty profit margin during the retail sale.
  • We’ve managed to cover the diverse needs and preferences of the end-users. Our research team has conducted immense research on what people of different age categories might like. The results are some relevant and luring glasses case.
  • We’re one of the leading eyeglasses cases wholesale sellers and manufacturers. Even if you’ve got a bulk order to place, we’ll make sure it gets produced and delivered to you quickly.
  • Our glasses cases are fully compatible with the latest trending glasses. Both of them are going to match perfectly.
  • We’ve achieved a high rating in terms of customer satisfaction. With 10+ years of experience, it’s safe to say that we’re here to do business and satisfy our customers. You’re sure to come back to us whenever you want glasses case again.

Our Range Of Glasses Case Products

Let’s talk about the complete range of sunglasses case wholesale products offered by us.

Hard Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product

tactical eyeglass case

These cases, as the name suggests, are made of tough and durable material. The idea is to keep the sunglasses safe from external force. Unlike the soft case, the hard cases can withstand high pressure implied on the case from the outside.

This product is highly valued by people with low budgets who either cannot afford stylish and expensive cases or those who’re not at all interested in investing much in fancy glasses cases. The target customers include the general public. Because these are tough enough, durable, and affordable, people will definitely go for these cases.

Therefore, buying hard eyeglasses cases wholesale products from us will help you increase your turnover, which also means increased profit. When you’re out of fancy stock, these cases will ensure that no customer leaves your store without buying anything. Even if you accidentally sit on the case, it won’t break, keeping your sunglass completely safe.

Foldable Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product

foldable sunglasses case

The foldable cases appear pretty stylish from the outside while keeping the sunglasses safe from the inside. The appearance is a sleek design with adorable color schemes. We’ve got a wide range of color options available here. Also, there is a variety of folding designs.

For example, some fold like a lady’s purse to give a sleek appearance, while some can fold to resemble a triangle. These foldable cases offer double protection layer, keeping your sunglass safe from dust, scratches, and water to some extent. Please note that the case isn’t completely waterproof.

Even the touch is highly tempting. Carrying it in your hands won’t be an issue, and the end-users can flaunt it the way they want. These are soft covers, though, so they won’t be able to withstand the external force applied to the case.

Leather Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product

isunnypacking glasses case

They’re made of artificial leather, which means we didn’t harm any innocent animals to obtain the animal leather. Even though these cases are made of synthetic leather, their durability is considerable. The appearance is somewhat simple but will definitely lure a massive set of customers.

We expect that some old people, especially 40+-year-olds, will prefer these cases. There’s a button with a convenient hook to close the case. It resembles pouches that have stitches on the edges. We’ve ensured that the stitches stay intact, leaving no room for faults. The stitches won’t tear down.

Even if you don’t like the soft leather cases, don’t worry. We’ve got several styles and designs here as well. Feel free to ask us about the other design variants under the “leather sunglasses case wholesale product” category.

Plastic Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product

flat glasses case

The plastic cases are a very simple and sweet product that will attract customers of all ages. These are affordable and durable cases, best suited to increase your sales. Every optical shop has plenty of stock readily available.

As the name suggests, they’re made of high-quality plastic, preferably ABS, known for durability and toughness. The plastic sunglass case is preferred by people with low budgets and classy people who’re not much into fashion. This type of glasses case sells like hotcakes because of their affordability and reasonable profit margin for the retailers.

Whether you’re a dealer, wholesaler, or retailer, you should prefer buying these cases from us because they’re always in demand. There’s no way your stock will stay unsold.

EVA Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product


The EVA sunglasses cases are stylish cases that are designed especially for the youth. Young adults from ages 12- 28 are sure to love the design. Moreover, young girls will love carrying their sunglasses in these pouch-style cases.

These are unisex glasses case, which means both boys and girls are going to love them. There are so many varieties of colors and designs; there’s no way any person will dislike it. It has a zip in between for the enclosure that protects the sunglasses from dust, dirt, and scratches. Being a soft pouch leaves it with the disadvantage of not saving the sunglasses from extreme pressure.

It’s a portable product, which can be kept in a backpack or even in a pocket. The reason why you should buy this product from us is it’ll yield a high-profit margin. The price is reasonable, but since it’s a fancy product, it’ll sell well even at high retail prices. As a result, the shop owners will earn a lot of money per piece.

Soft Sunglasses Case Wholesale Product

soft fashion glasses case
soft fashion glasses case

This is yet another classy and stylish glasses case offered by us, which has a zip enclosure and a ribbon loop for convenience. Users can hang it anywhere or carry it in their pockets. It’s a soft case that can protect the sunglasses from dust, dirt, scratches.

Since it’s a fancy item, it’ll again yield high revenue. Its cost price is affordable, while it’ll sell nicely in the retail market at a high retail price. This product has a scope to increase the revenue in no time. The target customers include young adults, teenagers, kids, and more.

Preferred users include boys and girls age 12-30. This product has a unisex design, which means both boys and girls will love it.

How to Get Started With Your Eyeglasses Cases Wholesale Order

If you’re all fired up to purchase from us, here’s how to get started with ease.

1.    Select the glasses case designs

First, select all the designs that you prefer to buy. We’ve already discussed them in brief above. You can choose from hard case, plastic case, EVA case, and more. Don’t hesitate to select multiple designs per order. Or, you can even select all the designs that we’ve got to offer.

While selecting the designs, think of the use and preferences. Whether your target buyers are those with daily use or whether they want any stylish glasses case.

2.    Select the glasses case size

While we’ve informed you about the designs that we offer, you need to finalize the size of the case. What’ll be the dimensions? The dimensions will be based on the sunglasses size that’ll be kept in it. Most people keep one sunglass per case.

Suppose you’re unsure about the size, no worries. Simply tell us the sunglass size, and we’ll calculate the required case dimensions and size for you.

3.    Customize your OEM eyeglasses case

Now that we’ve finalized the size, the next step is for you to share your OEM details. What logo do you want us to print on the cases? What’s the other information related to your branding that we need to print on it? Share with us these details precisely.

4.    Place the order

That’s it! We’re good to proceed now. Please make the payment depending on the final bill generated, and once we’ve received the payment, we promise to manufacture every piece with utmost care. We’ll make sure that your valuable products reach you as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask us the estimated delivery time.

Need Assistance? We’re Here To Help!

Suppose you’re still facing any issues, feel free to reach out to us.

Looking For More Glasses Case Designs

Not interested in the designs we discussed above? No problem. Tell us that you’re looking for something else, and our sales team will show you the complete catalog of what we can sell. If you’ve got your own custom design in mind, feel free to share it with us, and we shall try our best in this regard.

Contact Us For Hassle-free Order Placement

Sometimes buyers, especially first-time buyers, feel unsafe with proceeding online without human interaction. So please fill out the inquiry form, and our best sales personnel will assist you at every step until the order placement. Even after the delivery, if you need assistance, simply contact us, and you’ll experience our world-class services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I want samples before proceeding. What’s the procedure?

We’d love to show you the samples. Simply fill and submit the online request form on the “contact us” page, and we’ll interact with you shortly regarding this matter.

2. Would you please share the details related to Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

There’s no fixed MOQ as it’s subject to your order. Different designs have different MOQ. Once you interact with us, we’ll give you complete updated MOQ details.

3. Is it possible to get my logo printed on the case and packaging?

Absolutely yes! Share the logo and any other details that you want us to print when placing the order. We’ll finalize the logo before beginning with the manufacturing process.

4. How do I make the payment?

We accept these payment methods:

  • a. TT (Telegraphic Transfer) Highly preferred
  • b.L/C (Letter of Credit)
  • c. Western Union
  • d. PayPal

5. What’s the quality of logo printing?

We assure you of high-quality logo printing. The logo will be visible perfectly. We print every logo and detail precisely with the use of world-class latest machinery?

6. What are the ways to contact the supplier?

We prefer customers to fill out the query form on the contact us page. But other ways to reach out to us include:

  • Phone: +86-592-6893352
  • Alternate Phone: +86-592-6893353
  • Please write to us at (factory address): No.1, Baosheng Rd, Longchi Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
  • Please write to us at (office Address): Room421-422, Qida Fashion Bld, Longshan Middle Rd, Siming, Xiamen, China

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