China Eyewear Industry & China Glasses Manufacturers You Have to Know--A Condensed Analysis

China Eyewear Industry & China Glasses Manufacturers You Have to Know--A Condensed Analysis

*What You’ll Learn

Do you often search for glasses manufacturers (no matter sunglasses manufacturer and optical eyewear factory)? Especially the China glasses manufacturers? As a professional eyeglass case manufacturer and related packaging products supplier in China, Isunny is often asked by our regular customers to recommend reliable glasses manufacturers in China; some new customers who are just about to enter the eyewear industry also ask us about the Chinese eyewear industry and China glasses manufacturers. We always do our best to help them connect with reliable eyewear factories so that their eyewear business can be launched smoothly as soon as possible.

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In order to be more helpful to more people who want to enter the eyewear business and want to understand the Chinese eyewear industry, today our ISUNNY team will make a general explanation of the overall Chinese eyewear industry based on years of experience and understanding of the industry, and hopefully, it will be helpful to everyone.

*A Quick List Rundown of Producers

After organizing, this article is developed from two aspects.

  1. the main eyewear industrial production bases in China
  2. the powerful glasses manufacturers in each production base (The glasses factories listed in this article are those we feel are worthy of recommendation, but of course, these are only a small fraction of the many glasses factories in China. Other glasses suppliers that are not recommended, does not mean they are not good, just that we have not contacted them yet, so we do not presume to evaluate, please understand, thank you.)

Part 1: China Eyewear Industrial Production Base

Let’s start with the first point, the main eyewear production base in China.
According to incomplete statistics, there are about 6,000 glasses manufacturers and more than 30,000 eyeglass retailers in China, which is the largest country in terms of production, import, and export of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The distribution of China’s glasses manufacturers is relatively concentrated, mainly in four regions: Shenzhen of Guangdong; Xiamen of Fujian; Wenzhou of Zhejiang and Danyang of Jiangsu. The above regions have complete industrial support and have formed a huge scale.

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Here we introduce the development and itinerary of each of the four Chinese eyewear bases.

  1. Shenzhen Henggang was developed by taking over the inward relocation of Hong Kong’s eyewear industry. After 30 years of development, Henggang has become one of the major eyewear production bases in China and the main production base of world-renowned medium and high-grade eyewear brands. By the end of 2020, Henggang has more than 800 glasses manufacturers and marketing enterprises, with a total annual output of more than 125 million pairs, accounting for about 20% of the total national output. The production of high-grade eyeglass frames such as rubber frames, metal frames, and titanium frames accounts for 70% of the global output, and 95% of the products are exported all over the world to become an important export base for eyeglasses in China. In recent years, Henggang glasses supplier have been changing their business model and philosophy, transforming and upgrading their industry, no longer only OEM and OEM production for international luxury eyeglass brands, but also creating their own brands through technical transformation and R&D, brand packaging planning for enterprises.
shenzhen optical mall
Shenzhen Optical Mall
  1. In recent years, China’s eyewear industry has developed rapidly, with production and sales rising year by year. China has become a big country of eyeglass manufacturing and export, and also a big country of consumption. And Xiamen has become the domestic sunglasses production base.
    The vice president of the Xiamen Optical Industry Association said that China’s exports of eyeglasses and their parts amounted to more than $5.6 billion in 2019, up 2.8% year on year. So far, there are more than 100,000 eyeglass stores in the country, as well as numerous brand specialty stores, eye hospitals, optometric centers, and other related industries and institutions. Including online sales, the retail sales of eyewear products in the country have grown from 50 billion yuan in 2015 to nearly 90 billion yuan in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 5%. In fact, the eyewear industry has shifted from Europe to the East, represented by China, Japan, and Korea, while China, which continues to grow, plays an increasingly important role with a growing and rich industrial chain.
    It is understood that Xiamen has a good eyewear industrial foundation. Xiamen is adjacent to Taiwan, At the end of the 80s, Taiwan businessmen invested in Xiamen, and Xiamen also gradually undertake Taiwan’s glasses industry. After nearly 30 years of development, Xiamen has become a domestic sunglasses production base, and so far has developed a full industry chain covering sunglasses, optical frames, and lenses brand groups, related products occupy more than 70% of the domestic market. Xiamen brand has become a domestic fashion trendsetter, and its international influence is also increasing.
Xiamen Optical Mall
Xiamen Optical Mall
  1. Since the 1990s, the Wenzhou eyewear industry began to scale development, in 1993, Europe optical, one of the largest European eyewear enterprises, came to Wenzhou to purchase, and from then on opened the door to the export of Wenzhou eyewear industrial, with China’s accession to the WTO, Wenzhou eyewear industry ushered in a period of rapid development. The optical industry has also become one of the six pillar industries in Wenzhou.
    In the 21st century, Wenzhou eyeglasses are into a new stage of development, and to achieve a qualitative leap. Eyewear production began to start, glasses accessories, eyeglass equipment, glasses molds, electroplating, etc. have formed a large-scale eyewear industrial chain, and the quality of enterprises has also been greatly improved, many glasses manufacturers have basically left the family workshop-style manual production model, and gradually to the direction of large-scale, intensive, modern enterprises, the formation of a complete industrial chain of research and development, design, production, sales as a whole. 2019, Wenzhou has glasses and related upstream and downstream enterprises of more than 500, employing more than 60,000 people, 56 enterprises above the scale, with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. Among them, Ouhai accounts for nearly one-third of China’s top 58 mirror eyewear manufacturing and has “China Optical Production Base”, “National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Professional Demonstration Base”, and “National Optical Quality Improvement Demonstration Zone ” and other “national” gold signboard. Wenzhou and Shenzhen, Xiamen, Danyang and are known as “the country’s four major eyeglass production bases”
Wenzhou Optical Town
Wenzhou Optical Town

4. Danyang City has more than 2,000 glasses factories engaged in the eyewear industry and related supporting facilities, employing about 60,000 people. It is known as “the hometown of China’s eyeglasses”. Danyang’s eyewear products are exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. Danyang is the largest lens production base in China, and hundreds of millions of lenses are shipped from here to all over the world. According to the deputy director of the Danyang Economic Development Bureau, after more than 40 years of integration and development, its products cover all fields of the lens industry, with an annual output of more than 100 million frames, accounting for about one-third of the national total, and an annual output of 400 million lenses, it is the world’s largest eyeglass production base, the largest distribution center of eyeglass products in Asia and the production base of eyeglasses in China. It is also one of the “Top 100 Industrial Clusters in China”.

Danyang Optical Town
Danyang Optical Town

Part 2: Glasses Manufacturers in Each Eyewear Industrial Zone

After the above article introduces the general situation of each eyeglass industry base, we will introduce the representative China eyeglass manufacturers in each base.

1. Glasses Factories in Xiamen

A. Cheng Yi Optical

is one of the largest professional eyewear manufacturers in Xiamen, founded in 1978 in Tainan, Taiwan, and invested in Xiamen in 1990 as one of the first foreign-owned glasses manufacturers to enter mainland China, with more than 2,000 employees and more than 1.5 million eyewear products per month.
Cheng Yi optical focus on a variety of sunglasses, sports glasses, optical glasses, presbyopic glasses, children’s glasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, lenses, and related products design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and service, revenue continues to grow to Cheng Yi optical as the center, the establishment of subsidiaries and affiliated enterprises, towards group management

CHENGYI OPTICAL-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
CHENGYI OPTICAL-China glasses manufacturers

B. Artgri Optical Ltd.

was founded in 2003, headquartered in Xiamen, China has a well-known Chinese eyewear brand “BOLON” Tyrannosaurus, trendy eyewear brand “MOLSON” Morrison professional eyewear brand “PROSUN”, the free personalized brand “QINA”, is China has its own R & D and production and sales capacity of large Sino-French joint venture optical enterprises. Its brands are stationed in nearly 40,000 sales outlets in China, and in 2015 entered the international market, and now has sales outlets in nearly 100 major countries around the world.

ARTGRI-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
ARTGRI-China glasses manufacturers -China glasses manufacturers

C. Sunhaven Optical Ltd.

was established in 2005. Taiwan factory was established in 1983, for more than 30 years We specialize in the design and production of outdoor sunglasses, professional sports glasses, ski goggles, goggles, and optical glasses. The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters and employs 400 people. The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters and employs more than 400 people. Our advantages: innovative design team, mature and stable production technology. The company strengths: innovative design team, mature and stable production technology, perfect laboratory testing, continuous and stable quality assurance.

D. Famous Optical Ltd.

was founded in 2002, covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with a standard office and production environment, an annual production capacity of 1.5 million pairs, mainly produces sunglasses, sports glasses, presbyopic glasses, and some myopic glasses, metal, and plastic, both domestic and foreign markets, has authorized the production of many international brands of eyewear, such as CK, ESPRIT, TOMMY, NAUTICA, POLICE and so on. It is worth mentioning that the company’s TPEE soft material sunglasses are well received by Japanese HEART, American REDBULL, Italian Spray, and other users. Yang Ming Optical was originally a wholly-owned Taiwanese enterprise but changed to a domestic enterprise in early 2015. The company in line with the “quality, responsibility, professionalism, innovation” corporate values, adheres to the people-oriented, in the development of eyewear, design, production, sales, and service of all aspects. The company insists on being people-oriented and continues to create value for customers in all aspects of eyewear development, design, production, sales, and service.

E.Xiamen Fuming Optical Ltd.

is a wholly-owned enterprise in Taiwan, specializing in the production and processing of all kinds of metal and plastic sunglasses, presbyopic glasses, and extremely related products, established in August 1992, covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, with more than 400 senior technicians and professionals, with an annual production capacity of 7.2 million glasses; the new body developed each month can reach more than a hundred models? With the continuous improvement of living standards, people seem to pay more attention to the quality of products, the sun eyes produced by Fuming can reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet refraction to the eyes; its lenses reach the European standard, American standard, Australian standard, and Chinese standard; the metal eye frames reach the European standard nickel-free treatment; Fuming is committed to the continuous improvement of quality, the products adopt the international standard project plan, in the production process, in strict accordance with ANSI Z In 2002, they have passed the ISO9001 international standard product quality certification. Fuming continues to uphold the quality concept of “first-class products, first-class service”, with the pursuit of excellent quality as the business philosophy, advanced technology as the means, unique design as the creativity, scientific and standardized marketing strategy as the market orientation, and more courageous to face the competition of the market of superiority and inferiority. Company Honors 1. Passed ISO9001 international certification. 2. Awarded “Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations” by Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

F. Hwa Mao Optical Xiamen Co. Ltd,

was set up in 1996 under Hwa Meei Optical Co Ltd. Mr. Shen Hua Chen started the business in 1978. Hwa Mao is one of the leading producers of eyewear in Taiwan. They will offer you a variety of safety glasses and sunglasses. They were certified by DNV ISO9002 Certification in 1998. The products have a market in the US, Asia, Europe, and several other countries. The company continues to improve the quality of its products.

The company combines technology with design to become the leading eyewear maker. It has 14000 sq. m of land and 26,000 sq. m of construction. They have a total capital currently at $9.8 million. They focus on worker happiness and intelligent training programs. 

Suppose you want your products to be made with the latest automatic technology. In that case, Hwa Mao uses automatic spray-painting, reeling, and plastic injection machines. The company’s product line contains metal, aluminum, plastic, and acetate goods. All their products meet many standards. Some criteria include GB, Australian, American, and EU standards. Following the measures result in fine quality and maximum customer satisfaction. 

Huamao Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Huamao Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

G.Tony Optical

It was founded in 1973 by Lin Mei-Ching in Taiwan. They make sports glasses and brand-name eyewear. Products are listed as – Multipurpose Lenses, Casual Glasses, Sports Glasses, and Functional Glasses. Besides Taiwan, the company has two other factories.   They’re in Ho-chimming City in Vietnam and Zhong Zhou in China. It has built a global market in Australia, Asia, the US, Europe, and Japan. Presently, it holds about 20 patents for eyewear.

The chief goal of Tony Optical is to confirm buyer and worker satisfaction. The company aims to create a healthy and honest work setting. That’s to build the inspiration to experiment, create and learn. You can see their creativity in their beautiful products.   Tony Optical has an internal lab with modern technology and owns a skilled R&D team. They give special importance to building trust and connection with their customers. Their goods will meet your expectations. You can also contact the team to customize your orders.  

Zhangzhou Tony Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Zhangzhou Tony Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

H.Xiamen Quansheng Industrial Co., Ltd

Xiamen Quan Sheng Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993. It is set up in China’s foreign trade port city Xiamen. It is famous as the first company to bring glasses with Polarizing Technology. Gensun will provide you with several options for eyewear.  

They make professional sports glasses, plates, and metal frames. Stylish glasses, lenses, and fishing glasses are also on the list. The company has four operating units with 1050 employees and 300 professional workmen. The factory is spread over 8000 sq. m and has a building area of 5000 sq. m.  

Gensun is known as China’s largest and most diverse production firm. It has received the ISO9001 international quality management certification. The company uses the latest tech and machines. It has strict quality criteria. It always follows the standards and tops them with its unique creations. It has a massive marketing network in China. It offers its marketing services and designs to 100+ foreign brands.  

Xiamen Quansheng Industrial-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Xiamen Quansheng Industrial-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

I.ChingSong (Sunmou) OPTICAL

ChingSong (Sunmou) was set up in Xiamen, Fujian in 1974. The SunMou group found it. They are famous for their Ski, Sports, and Industrial glasses and lenses. The group is open to the feedback of its buyers and market trends.

It uses the latest tech from the US, EU, Japan, China, and Taiwan. They will offer you a Quality-Credit-Service Promise. The company delivers the best glass products.  

Eyewear choices by SunMou are Goggles, Plastic, Sports Eyewear, and Kids Eyewear.  

  • Goggles: These are made with a PU Frame. The lenses are PC UV 400 lenses.  
  • Plastic: This series comes with a PU frame. Options include PC, polarized UV 400, and AC lenses.  
  • Sports Glasses: Made with a PC frame and Polarized UV 400 and PC lenses.  
  • Kids Glasses The Kids Series come with a PC frame and AC, Polarized UV 400, or PC lenses.
Sunmou-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Sunmou-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

2. Wenzhou Optical Factories

A. Wenzhou Zhantai Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Zhantai Optical Ltd. is located in Wenzhou, the southeastern part of Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1990, with the business service concept of creating value for customers, Zhantai insists on international trade as the basis and takes eyeglass manufacturing, brand management, and cross-border e-commerce as the leader, and gradually forms a new pattern of Zhantai business with overseas investment, international trade, international e-commerce, manufacturing and domestic investment as the important support.
Zhantai’s main products include sunglasses, bags, belts, and all kinds of accessories, which are mainly exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. It has been ranked as “Wenzhou Top 100 Foreign Trade Export Enterprises” and “Wenzhou Top 10 Foreign Trade Export Enterprises in Optical Industry” for many years and has won more than 100 honors such as “Wenzhou AA Grade Tax Credit Enterprise”, “Contract and Trustworthy Unit”, “Wenzhou Ouhai District Meritorious Enterprise”, etc. It has many famous brands and famous trademarks such as “Zhantai” and “shinetime”.
In the field of sunglasses, with the advantages of exquisite production technology, rich color application, leading management concept, and high quality and efficient service, and with the vision of “creating the kingdom of Zhantai glasses and leading the fashion trend”, Zhantai continues to provide customers all over the world with novel styles, complete categories, reasonable prices, excellent quality and timely delivery of sunglasses products and services. The company’s business operations are monitored, shared, and monitored through the supply chain management platform, and integrated to form professional competitiveness of sunglasses products; at the same time, with accurate strategic positioning, advanced equipment, and technology investment, they continue to adapt to the pulse of the development of the knowledge economy, and will further enhance the standard and ability to provide professional services to existing customers and more potential customers.

wenzhou zhantai-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny (1)
Wenzhou Zhantai Optical-China glasses manufacturers

B.Wenzhou Jinda Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Jinda Optical Ltd. was established in 1986, is a design, research and development, glasses manufacturing, sales in one, specializing in the production of high-grade metal, plate frames for large and medium-sized private enterprises, the company is located in the Ouhai District of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a very convenient transportation location Gao Xiang Industrial Zone; has a construction area of more than 10,000 square meters of high-specification, modern plant and apartment-style staff dormitory building. The company develops and produces many sunglasses and optical mirror series with more than 8000 varieties and manufactures more than 2 million high-grade frames annually; the products are exported to Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and other countries.
Jinda is a company that pays attention to the connotation of enterprise culture and social responsibility: Inside the company; the company has always been in line with the enterprise purpose of “quality enterprise, quality people”, and is committed to the cultivation of talents and the company’s standardized management of factory strategy, so far, the company has a systematic management standard system, quality control system, production Management system. The company invests a lot of human and financial resources in personnel selection and training every year, and after years of precipitation, has gathered and cultivated a team of hundreds of professional technical and management elites; fundamentally guaranteeing the smooth operation of design, research, and development and production links; at the same time, Jindal also takes the initiative to assume social responsibility for the industry and society to train talents, provide employment opportunities and practice opportunities for college students; and has established The enterprise’s love fund, social support mechanism, take the initiative to pay attention to, care for socially disadvantaged groups.
In addition to strengthening human resources strength, and standardized management, but also has a complete variety of high-performance, high-precision production equipment configurations, and from 2012 onwards, a continuous annual investment of not less than 2 million RMB in the purchase of automated equipment in the special machine transformation funds; from the scientific combination of hardware and software in some degree to ensure that the product from research and development to the production process of production capacity and product quality. To ensure that the company’s products in terms of capacity, quality, and delivery can meet customer demand.
In order to better provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services, the company passed the EU CE certification in 2001. As the executive vice president of Ouhai District Optical Association, the company has good integrity and reputation in the industry and has been awarded AAA grade enterprise by Zhejiang Rural Credit Union for many years.

wenzhou jinda optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Wenzhou Jinda optical -China glasses manufacturers

C.Zhejiang Tongda Optical Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Tongda Optical Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise integrating scientific research, glasses production, and sales, its predecessor is Wenzhou Ouhai Tongda Optical Factory, the enterprise was founded in 1998, after ten years of development now has nearly 1000 employees, with an annual output of several million pairs of glasses. They mainly produce sunglasses, optical glasses, presbyopic glasses, children’s glasses, plate frames, optical frames, and titanium frames.
Their products are produced in strict accordance with GB/T14214-93 national eyewear standards and have passed the EU “ce” quality standard certification and ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. With the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, high-grade materials, exquisite production technology, and perfect management system, the company has successfully developed memory and pure titanium high-grade optical frames, mainly producing memory metal frames, pure titanium and other optical frames, and the products are exported to the United States, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe and other countries and regions. Continuous innovation, striving for better is the constant commitment of Tongda Optical to the market and customers.

Wenzhou Tongda Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Wenzhou Tongda Optical -China glasses manufacturers

D.Wenzhou Weilan Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Weilan Optical Ltd. was established on April 04, 1997, the company is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Ouhai District, Lou Bridge Industrial Park, glasses town, mainly engaged in the manufacture of glasses, sales of domestic and foreign trade business, the company has developed into the forefront of the glasses industry, with the company’s continuous growth and development, has developed a Vietnam company, Xiamen company, Jiangxi company, Taizhou company, headquartered in Wenzhou, nearly 1,500 employees.

Wenzhou Weilan Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny (1)
Wenzhou Weilan Optical -China glasses manufacturers

E. Wenzhou Aishi Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Aishi Optical Ltd. is a major manufacturer and exporter of sunglasses, optical frames, and presbyopic glasses in Wenzhou. The company has its own brand “AISHI” and undertakes all kinds of OEM orders. For more than ten years, the company has been committed to a set of effective management systems, a group of advanced production equipment, a skilled production team, a strong team of market development personnel. With a production team of over 1,300 people and a 24,000-square-meter production plant, the company’s monthly production capacity reaches 800,000 pieces. Our products are well known in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other places. Our products are market-oriented and new. A group of experienced and high-level developers is able to grasp the market trend and introduce a large number of new samples every month, which can reflect the market changes and meet the needs of customers. Product materials include Monel, high nickel, PC, TR-90 memory nylon, and common metal. A large number of full-frame, frameless, fish wireframe, injection frames can meet the needs of men and women and children of different types and grades. The products have passed European CE and American FDA standards.

Wenzhou Aishi Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny (1)
Wenzhou Aishi Optical -China glasses manufacturers

F. Wenzhou Jinlun Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Jinlun Optical Ltd. is a professional glasses manufacturer of eyeglass frames with more than ten years of experience in design, development, and production, and is an ISO9001 quality system certified enterprise with more than 300 employees and a daily production capacity of more than 5,000 pieces. The company produces a full range of products, mainly metal frames, full-frame, half-frame, frameless everything. We have also successfully developed a memory titanium frame, pure titanium frame, stainless steel alloy frame, and memory plastic rubber frame. After more than a year of exploration, now mass production. The products are novel and unique in style, with a wide range of patterns, and can be designed and produced by ourselves according to customers’ requirements, which can be applied to the tastes of consumers in different countries and regions. Products are exported all over the world
Mainly engaged in the stainless steel frame, monk material frame, nylon memory frame, pure titanium frame, metal memory fake stainless steel frame; monk material frame; nylon memory frame; pure titanium frame; metal memory frame.

Wenzhou Jinlun Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny (1)
Wenzhou Jinlun Optical -China glasses manufacturers

G. Zhejiang Hengda Optical Co., Ltd,

Zhejiang Hengda Optical Co., Ltd, with optical glasses as the core industry, specializes in the production and sales of high-quality optical frames, presbyopic frames, and sun frames. It covers an area of 14 mu and has more than 700 employees, including a professional R&D team of more than 80 people. The company has been at the forefront of Wenzhou’s self-supporting exports of eyeglasses for many years, and is one of the leading enterprises in the export of products in the domestic eyeglass industry, with products exported to Europe and the United States, and other countries

Wenzhou Hengda Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Wenzhou Hengda Optical-China glasses manufacturers

H.Wenzhou Zhongmin Optical Ltd.

Wenzhou Zhongmin Optical Ltd. was founded in 1997, located in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan Water Town – Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Louqiao Industrial Park, is a professional R & D, eyewear production, sales of various high-end glasses of well-known brands of enterprises, with a good reputation, quality service, high-end product design well-known in Europe and the United States and other international markets. Since 2006, the company is committed to the development of the overseas eyewear sales terminal market. We have established multinational sales companies in Europe, Brazil, and Russia, and set up design and R&D centers in Europe and Brazil. Through the efforts of nearly 10 years, the company’s brand has achieved a good reputation in the international market and the market share has reached the company’s strategic goal.

Wenzhou Zhongmin Optical -China glasses manufacturers
Wenzhou Zhongmin Optical -China glasses manufacturers

I. Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Co. Ltd

Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Co. Ltd. was set up in 1993. It makes 1000+ luxury eyewear for multiple events. They also sell reading, optical glasses, and sunglasses. Its building area is 50000 sq. m, and the plant area is spread across 17 acres. Their production line contains 17 assembly lines. It includes titanium alloy, optics, electroplating, plastic, plate, etc. 

It received the European CE, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health & Safety, and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. It has 2000+ employees in various departments, including QA, Finance, Logistics, Business Development, HR, Sales, and Engineering.  

The company’s buyers come from 30+ countries, including SE Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. It started a separate franchise and division in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Shanghai. Customer service is Ouhai’s main concern. It has built a work culture that guarantees customer satisfaction and employee well-being.  

Ouhai Glasses-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Ouhai Glasses-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

J.Lidong Optics Manufacture Co. Ltd

Lidong Optics Manufacture Co. Ltd was founded by Mr. Jimmy Wu in 1995. It is one of the top eyeglass makers in Wenzhou. Lidong serves buyers worldwide. It works on creating and selling polarized 3D lenses, sunglasses, and sports eyewear.  

They also make polarized sun lenses and prescription frames. It has received the FDA, ISO900, and CE Certification. 90% of the products are exported to Brazil, Japan, the US, Russia, and Europe.  

The production line is under the direct control of the company. It has an in-house lab and molding unit with a talented R&D team. The team never fails to supply you with fashionable and useful products. The factory covers an area of 30,000 sq. m and owns 17,000 sq. m of land.

There are 1300 workers in different units. Departments include Mould Makers, QA, R&D, QC, and Designers. Their main buyers are optical stores and designer brands. 

Lidong Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Lidong Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

3. Shenzhen Glasses Manufacturers

A. Shenzhen Glover Optical Factory

Shenzhen Glover Optical Factory is an enterprise under Hong Kong Hua Ming Optical Manufacturing Co. Was founded in 1985 in mainland China, there are rubber frames, titanium frames, gold frames, and other professional production lines, and specializing in the production of various models of world-famous brand products, leading the world trend, has a strong product design and development capabilities, for the ISO9001 quality management system operation enterprises, all products are sold to the European and American markets.

In order to adapt to the future strategic development, the three branch factories originally located in Henggang Liuyao were merged and moved to the new factory in 2001. The whole new factory area is 120,000 square meters, and the whole new factory mainly consists of living and leisure areas, production areas, storage areas, administrative centers, etc. Each part is self-contained and echoes each other, and the shape of the whole building group is like a brilliant diamond and an eagle with wings spread. The whole factory has a greening rate of 55% and was awarded the honorable title of “Shenzhen Garden Garden Building Unit” in 2001.

Glover Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Glover Optical -China glasses manufacturers

B.Shenzhen Elegance Optical LTD.

is a manufacturer of metal frames, titanium frames, and plastic frames for eyeglasses, located at No. 8 Liuhe Road, Liuyao Jinquan Industrial Zone, Henggang Street Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Since the factory was opened in 1985 in Liuyao Jinquan Industrial Zone, Goya Optical has been developing rapidly. The factory adopts advanced management mode and technical equipment and is committed to the elaborate design and manufacture of high-quality eyeglass frames. There are more than 5200 employees in the factory. There are three factories, A, B, and C, and four staff dormitories, A, B, D, and E. In the age of science and technology, our company is people-oriented and is committed to implementing humanized management mode and constantly enriching the spare time of employees. There are a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, chess, and cards room, library, TV room, projection hall, and other recreational facilities in the factory.
Shenzen Elegance Optical Ltd. passed the ISO examination in January 1998 and obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. The company’s quality policy is quality and efficiency-oriented, establishing and implementing an ISO9001 quality management system and improving product standardization.

Elegance Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Elegance Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

C. Shenzhen Guanda Optical Co., Ltd.

was established in May 1995, the company currently has 1000 people The company has three metal production lines, one injection production line, and one CNC production line with more than 40 CNC equipment. Guanda is a well-known manufacturer of eyewear accessories in China. The main products are various metals (white copper, manganese alloy, aluminum alloy, beryllium copper, stainless steel, nickel-free copper, titanium, beta-titanium, memory metal, etc.) of various metals (white copper, manganese alloy, aluminum alloy, beryllium copper, stainless steel, nickel-free copper, titanium, beta-titanium, memory metal, etc.) The company has been engaged in the production of eyeglass metal accessories such as spring feet and plastic accessories such as lenses, eyepieces, and temple covers.
In addition to the production of accessories, in 2015, we established Shenzhen Guanda Optical Co. Our products are sold well all over the country and all over the world such as Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. The company has a perfect quality management system, which makes the quality process perfect and harmonious, and successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, environmental protection certification, and social responsibility certification in October 2011.

Shenzhen Guanda Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Shenzhen Guanda Optical -China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

D.Shenzhen Starlife Optical Ltd.

was established in 1988 and is located in Puxia Industrial Zone, Liuyao Village, Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. We are mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, and sales of various plastic and metal eyeglass frames, and our products are mainly sold to the European and American markets.
After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, Starlife Optical Factory has developed into a large Hong Kong-funded enterprise with a plant area of several hundred thousand square meters. The garden-style production plant, fully enclosed air-conditioned production workshop and first-class production facilities and equipment create a good working environment and development space for the staff working in Starlife. The garden in the area is elegant and quiet, with a basketball court, badminton court table tennis court, etc. The TV room, reading room, and multi-functional activity hall add color to the spare time of the staff. In 1999, our factory officially passed the ISO9000 quality certification and became one of the reputable enterprises of customs, as well as one of the largest eyewear manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

Shenzhen Starlife Optical Ltd-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Shenzhen Starlife Optical Ltd-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

E. Arts Group

Arts Group was set up in 1973. It is now a listed public firm on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The group plans to produce and supply excellent sunglasses and glass frames.   You can find suitable eyewear with outstanding designs at affordable prices. The group has buyers in 30+ countries. It has been in this industry for 40 years.

The Arts Group was founded in 1973. Mr. Ng Ho Ying was the only owner. This list celebrates the company’s achievements and growth over the years:  

  • The company was named ‘Arts Optical Manufactory’ in 1979 
  • In 1980, it started shipping handmade and molded frames.  
  • It set up another factory in Shenzen City, China, in 1987  
  • Production of metal frames began in 1994, followed by titanium frames in ’97  
  • They created a joint business with the British firm Rayner & Keeler in 2000  
  • ISO 14001 Certification received in ’06  
  • It earned CEO-V Active Eyewear DFA Gold Merit Award in 2014. 
  • It also got the Paulo-Pilipe Eyewear Silver Merit DFA Award in 2015 
Arts group-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Arts group-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

4. The glasses manufacturers in Danyan

A. Wanxin Optics Co., ltd

Wanxin Optics was set up in 1973. It’s the largest resin lens production base in Asia. It’s the first national glass company to receive international praise. They’re responsible for around 1/12th of the global lens shipments. Their top goal is to serve people. They offer you a full range of creative and clever solutions for a healthy vision.  

It has set up a global market in over 40 countries and 34 regions in China. All in all, the number of stores is more than 32,000. It was the first national glass eyewear company to receive international praise. In 2005, it became the first company in China’s eyewear production trade to receive the ‘China Famous Trademark.’ 

They aim to please their customers with quality products and 24/7 available service. Additionally, they also received support and honor from government agencies. The list of awards and certificates is given below:  

  • Key Enterprise R&D Institution 
  • National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise 
  • Enterprise Technology Center of Jiangsu Province 
  • Landmark Enterprises of Jiangsu Province 
  • China Patent Excellence Award 
Wanxin Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Wanxin Optical-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

B. Jiangsu East Optics Co. Ltd

Jiangsu East Optics Co. Ltd was set up in Danya Ganj, Jiangsu. It was started in 1992 under the Taiwan Ginko Optical Group. The company makes and sells designer sunglasses, presbyopic, and titanium frames. 

There are also frames for children. The company’s production line focuses on modeling, designing, QC, polishing, welding, assembling, parts makers, and plating. JES Optics has received the ISO9001 Certification. It supplies sturdy and long-lasting products.  

Jiangsu Optics is a well-known company that makes metal glass frames in China. It is a part of the top 100 companies of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. The factories cover an area of 65000 sq. meters and a building area of 25000 sq. meters. The company climbed to the top in less than ten years.

Besides eyewear, JSE optics also participates in several glasses exhibitions. They’re present throughout the US, Hong Kong, Europe, Taiwan, and Shanghai.  

Jiangsu East Optics-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny
Jiangsu East Optics-China glasses manufacturers-Isunny

C. Vivo Optics

Vivo Optics was set up under Mingyue Optical Lens Co. Ltd. Its management base is in Switzerland, and its production is China-based. It offers choices of high-quality OEM ophthalmic lenses. They offer you products at an affordable price. Their lenses come with many features, and you can choose from the given options:  

  • General lenses  
  • Polarized sun lenses  
  • Prescription RX  
  • White Label or Private Label lenses  
  • Photochromatic lenses  
  • Super-Hydrophobic A6 coating  
  • Blue Light Cut  
  • High Impact  

The company has received the CELAB, ISO 13845, COLTS Laboratories, and FDA Certification.

All the work is done under the leadership of CEO Adam Linn. The company has skilled workers in the R&D team. If you want custom-made orders, the team will do that.

It uses State-of-Art Optical Tech to scan your samples and provide correct results. The firm has built strong ties with its staff, buyers, and partners. Vivo Optics currently serves Asia, Latin America, and Europe. They’re well-known as OEM producers of “Make to Order” or MTO glass lenses. Vivo Optics works to boost technology in optics.

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