Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan

Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan

With the range of options available online, ISUNNY has selected the Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan that are doing great in eyewear production and their services. The list is specially made on proper research conducted so that we can present the best business appropriate for all kinds of eyewear manufacturing. By this, you can understand which will best suit your requirements.

All these companies are doing their business at a worldwide level but at some stage, all of them are generated with the base from Japan. That is why we have given the topic “Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan”

With the innovation in models and designs- all of these companies are doing well in research and development, and constantly working to improve their facilities. But for now, according to their manufacturing services and products, we have arranged from top 1 to top 10 companies (Basically, serving in Japan and all over the world).

The first company on the list comes is:

1.Eyevan Sunglasses

Eyevan- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Eyevan- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

Eyevan is an eyewear manufacturing company started in 1972 by holding a new concept in the industry of fashion accessories. The motto, in the beginning, was to create the Japanese first eyewear fashion brand. And somehow, they have achieved this, as per their current scenario.

The design and style of their products are especially an art- and reflection of Japanese production and culture. Made with precision they have the best craft men in the world working all with their heart and mind to create the best eyewear product for their customers.

Eyevan company is a group very experienced and has achieved cultivated quality services. This is the only self-made company that was first in the fashion of eyewear brands in Japan. 

Latest with the design and technology, Eyevan has Japanese craft men building masterpieces with their hands. Which helps them to manufacture beautifully designed frames with high quality.

With appealing designs, the company produced its lenses originally. With the taste of vintage and classic personality, any customer can also ask to make their eyewear on demand. Website-

2. Boston Club Eyewear

BOSTON CLUB- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
BOSTON CLUB- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Boston club Eyewear stands at the second position.

Boston Club eyewear was started in 1984, the name will suggest you as a company of America- but this is not true. This company has its origin in Japan. It was first established as an in-house style for fashion and constantly gained popularity ever since.

Boston Club eyewear works with the design and gives an original classical look of the 80s- in their products.

With a variety of frames, they have the main 3 categories that produce most of their sales. These 3 types of frame categories are casual and classic metal glass, acetate frames, and flip-up frames.

With an insight of being attractive and maintaining good quality eyewear- the company has its best craftsmen’s experience from the start. If you want to understand the psychology of the company and its goal with manufacturing and services, just click the below link.


3. Eyetec

Eyetec- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Eyetec- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Eyetec stands at the third position.

It is a company that started with its first manufacturing unit in Japan. Having a range of products and continuous growth, today Eyetec is a brand widely spread with around 6 factories across the country. The main specialty of the company is in providing simplicity with fast manufacturing of perception glasses on order- This makes it popular all around.

After deciding the type of glass for your spectacle they take less than 30 minutes to prepare and get them ready for use. Coming at cheap prices any normal person can afford them easily.

They have a new concept to make smart eyewear. In which the company uses the latest technology to produce eyewear from soft plastic that is flexible, resistant, and break-proof. With this evolution, the company has achieved to provide great comfort and a clear vision for its customers.


4. Yamamoto

Yamamoto- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Yamamoto- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Yamamoto Stands at 4th Position.

Yamamoto started their business in 1911 and now has their influence spread all around the country Japan. Being one of the best eyewear manufacturing brands they also have outlets and shops available worldwide. The main countries they perform their business in are Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

You will find a variety of frames and lenses that are starting at very cheap prices. Yamamoto has created their identity as a manufacturing brand that is committed to providing excellence in services and products. They have a very crafted range of top-line eyewear, which are ready to choose by customers.

The services on visiting their store will be different from others. They welcome the customers in Japanese style and entertain them wholeheartedly, which brings an unforgettable experience at their stores.

Visit the website for more-

5. Charmant

Charmant - Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Charmant – Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Charmant Stands at 5th Position.

Charmant was a company founded in 1956, which is very famous for manufacturing its reinvented collection of eyewears. The company has adopted a new way to define luxury- by playing a bold character in creating change, with the latest and advanced technology.

For the purpose of marketing, this company has also taken some impressive steps that have helped them to create a new identity. Charmant is a manufacturing company that has its own style point, they provide a variety of ranges right from frames, brow bars, lenses, rims, nose pads, or even hex screws. Everything will be available as you desire.

With its unique and one-of-a-kind design, Charmant is famous for doing its best effort in making customers satisfied. You can also visit their offline high-end boutique and feel their services.


6. Masunaga

Masunaga- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Masunaga- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Masunaga Stands at 6th Position.

Masunaga company is an in-house brand built out of Kenzo Takada, which is already a very big manufacturing company in Japan.

When it comes to the Eyewear industry, Masunaga is a company simply perfect with its eyewear products and their manufacturing.

Incorporation with Kenzo Takada Masunaga creates their frames lenses and all those eyewear components in-house.

With a different and mid-century vibe, the company makes stylish frames coming in the best Wellington shapes and looks. Through Japanese technology, the company manufactures its products with a superlative style, comfort, and lightweight design.

In a partnership two companies Masunaga and Kenzo Takada work together to manufacture and Market their best collection of eyewear in Japan.


7. Aoyama

AOYAMA- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
AOYAMA- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Aoyama Stands in 7th Position.

It is a company started by Yoshihiko Aoyama- he is the person involved in starting this manufacturing company and making this Today the position of best eyewear designing brand.

The hard work of this Japanese corporation has really paid off in terms of beautiful crafts and inevitable designs successfully made by their company.

With its own manufacturing and crafting unit, the company Aoyama is perfectly achieving its goals in satisfying customers with the beautiful art of making eyewear.

As per the demands of customers, everything is hand-designed by their craft men. Their products are made from 100% titanium frames with proper symmetry and molding of shapes. Beautifully curved lenses especially make their eyewear more attractive.

In a general statement, the company is based on the principle of serving with perfection.


8. Hamamoto

HAMAMOTO- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
HAMAMOTO- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- HamamotoStands at 8th Position.

Hamamoto was a company started in 1972 with its first unit in Japan. And today with great speed the company is growing its step forward into the worldwide market. Presently the company has nearby 4 industrial units in Japan and another 2 outside the country.

The company has its own concept upon which its products and services are dependent. They want to enrich the lives of their customers.

Hamamotoeyewear provides a sense of style with comfort coming at a cheap price. In line with the data, they have around 3000 types of frames available in designs. The same is the case for lenses and glass.

With the huge variety of their collection. They have some themes available that can attract their young customers, like- they have eyewear designs related to anime, Doraemon, and My Hero theme.


9. Sanko

Sanko- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
Sanko- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

In the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Sanko Stands at 9th Position.

Sanko was started in 1992 with their factory unit in the headquarters town of Sanko in Japan. Since then, they are manufacturing eyewear along with some other fashionable products.

The company has its own way of making its product with tradition. The craftsmen are awarded and experienced to make things with the best quality and precision.

The interesting fact about Sanko’s name is that it was given the name of the town it was established in. With a strong history and solid foundation, this company has innovative techniques that are creating its new character in the market. With their manufacturing services and products company’s motto is to achieve the title of the future of eyewear’.

Sanko has good advantages as a strong base. They are constantly working for the past few years and have really achieved great value worldwide. In 2020 they were awarded by Japanese Best Eyewear award.


10. Fujita

FUJITA- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN
FUJITA- Eyewear Manufacturers In JAPAN

Into the list of Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Japan- Fujita holds the position as the 10th best manufacturing company.

Fujita was started in 1985, which proclaims this company relatively as an old fashion brand. With its unique direction, Fujita is a Japanese eyewear manufacturing brand that is considered for its design-driving goals. The company wants to focus on their Asian customers and so to fit their faces they have especially worked on products.

Fujita’s eyewear manufacturing has a 99% precision value to fit the needs of its customers. The glass lens and frame made by the company are highly targeted, to evenly suit the design of every face. And as per the company’s motto, their work will be the best and most accurate.

The company Fujita also focuses on comfort with every detail, they make their nose pad to cover relatively more areas of your skin so as to avoid marks and pain. To meet the needs of anti-allergic material they use titanium and silicon in making their frames and components.

Visit the website for more-

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Up from the list we have provided above, hope you have found the company that will best suit you to provide the desired product.

Japan is a country famous for its technology and innovation, And the same we hope to feel in its eyewear industry. From the list of top manufacturers in Japan, the main thing to understand is to go with a quality product coming in your affordable budget. One more thing that plays the main role in the long run and maintenance of your eyewear is its protection.

A constant best quality of your eyewear will be assured only if you maintain it to be stored properly in your daily life. Many times, we forget to take care of our prescribed lenses, which may result in getting scratches on the glasses. This will blur the vision from the glass and you will have to make a new one for yourself.

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Right from the perfect selection of raw materials to the proper supply of products-Isunny packaging is a company of the best in quality.

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